Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Office

Without doubt, one of my favourite ever shows. Not only a brilliant piece of comedy, but the characters were so immacutely well done.

(Segway...I think this is what 'does' it for me in regards to TV shows and movies: characters. Sure, the story is important, and I always look out for cinematography but it's the way the characters are written and played that makes it or breaks it for me. I was speechless when I first saw The Best Intentions because of how highly developed the characters were. Ditto with Six Feet Under. Even Seinfeld is in the same boat because despite the jokes, the characters are so real and complex.)

Last night I finished watching The Office Christmas Special. It was perfection. You always sit on edge when something so beloved goes for a bit extra but this was faultless. The characters continued in the same vain, it was beautifully cringe-worthy and the ending - sublime.

I mean, I cried when Dawn came back for Tim. This is a fucking comedy, and I cried. I loved the characters of Dawn and Tim so much and thought it was perfect the way the initial series ended, with them not getting together. I justified it to all the friends who couldn't understand it. But it happened, she cried and came back for him...

Monday, November 28, 2005

Part Deux

Wow, what a difference a good night's sleep makes. I feel back to normal.

I sometimes forget this is my online diary-of-sorts and think of it more as a lookbook. I want to get back to writing about me and what's in my head.

And that starts with honesty. My memory is shocking so if I'm not honest here I'll read back on this in years to come and accept what's happened word for word, not remembering the fill-in-the-gaps.

A and I took an e after we all dispersed on Sunday morning and headed back to mine. We have been fucking for a few weeks now. It started with a drink back at mine after dinner one night and emerged into one of the most passionate kisses I've ever had. Kisses that make the world dance. Kisses that don't need to go further, that are just so delicious you could stay there, pressed up against the wall until... I had no delusions, I knew it was sex with an ex and I was unmoved the day after. I always thought if it did happen I would have hangups and I have no interest in being hungup over him so as much as I desire him that was not enough. But we slept together and I and we were fine. *touch wood*

So the chemicals kick in and it is bliss. We listen to Mauvaises Nouvelles des Etoiles and James and talk and dance and he even invites me for a dance and we talk about us and it's honest talk although it is on my part and I want to ask him if it was on his part. It's really beautiful talking (isn't everything beautiful on e) and he tells me "I love you", but I think it's irrelevant. It's just a beautiful night and special to share with someone special. The day after is horrible, although probably the easiest come down to date, but it is still nasty and I search for just one endorphin in my body to cheer me up.

The party itself was great, but went too fast. It started to rain halfway through so we huddled undercover with faux Champers and cigarettes and the beautiful view. I think only one guy came in jeans so well done! Photos are to come - N and I are old school and just cannot get into digital photography so you'll have to wait for the photos to be processed.

I love this photo of Gainsbourg. One of my favourites.
It is so sexy to me, so full of character.
I love the women's voices and the reggae beat on the last track,
"bad news from the stars..."

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Agony And The Ecstasy

God I love esctasy. God I hate the day after.

I haven't had chemicals for 2.5 years and this was great, one of the best ever.

And today I've slept, popped out to yum cha in the cold rain, and slept the rest of the day. I hate this feeling. Make it go away?

Friday, November 25, 2005

Vogue Tidbits

+ Anatomy of a Classic: The Little Black Dress. A very smart little feature highlighting the LBD over the years, in different situations and even an ode to Kate and her LBDs.

+ The incredible Miuccia discusses the possibility of doing H&M (oh pretty please!) and Colin McDowell gushes over her, in this quick interview.

+ What is your favourite Vogue cover? Ogle here and let me know. I have always loved this shot of Gwyneth and it's a case of eeny meeny with which cover of Kate I love more: this one or that.

December 2001 /December 2000


Tomorrow is N and I's joint birthday party and the invites were a CD (cover above) with our favourite summer tunes. Here is the playlist:

1. Jeremy Gregory -That's What's Goin' Down (Natalie)
2. Just The Thing - Paul Mac (Julia)
3. Too Funky - George Michael (Natalie)
4. Cosmic Girl - Jamiroquai (Julia)
5. Get Up - James Brown (Natalie)
6. Not Afraid Of Romance - Machine Gun Fellatio (Julia)
7. Signed Sealed Delivered - Stevie Wonder (Natalie)
8. Little L - Jamiroquai (Julia)
9. Fresh - Kool And The Gang (Natalie)
10. Nue Au Soleil - Brigitte Bardot (Julia)
11. Outro Lugar - Dimitri From Paris (Natalie)
12. Love Me Two Times - The Doors (Julia)
13. All Night Long - Lionel Ritchie (Natalie)
14. Do Me - Bell Biv Devoe (Julia and Natalie)

It's at one of our favourite bars and yes, we've imposed a no denim rule. We love denim, but it's too much the summer uniform here (girls: jeans, sequin top and heels; boys: jeans and smart shirt) and we want people to think outside the square. I am most likely wearing my own version of Carrie's naked dress - it's a cream slip that is so simple and sexy and way too easy. We will have antipasto and snacks and cheese plates and will send handwritten thank you notes to everyone who comes because we are amongst the few people who understand these things!

If you're in the area or win the lottery and feel like hopping on a plane, please join us. If not (boo hoo), bon weekend!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Relookage's Gift Guide 2005

Because I am here to help. And it's a month until Christmas.

For yourself: Anything from MAC; a good haircut; Mariage Freres tea or Fairtrade coffee; a bottle of Moet for when the madness subsides and you can drink it in the bath.
For mum: Ridiculously expensive body cream, a la Laura Mercier's Creme Brulee Souffle Body Creme; replace any CDs or books that have gone missing; afternoon tea at the swishest hotel in your city; gift vouchers for the local car wash so she doesn't break her back doing it herself (make sure it has a cafe so she can sit back with a coffee and the paper).
For dad: Good towels; a kick-arse bottle of his favourite tipple - with matching glasses; a goat, immunisation or eye surgery for a village in a poor country (Oxfam, World Vision et al arrange it and send you a giftcard).
For your sister: Facial/mani/pedi/something pampering - look, everyone does it but it's hard to beat; two tickets to the next outdoor cinema festival with a voucher for a picnic; earrings that match her eyes.
For your brother: A dozen gourmet beers with nuts and chips; a smart polo; his favourite childhood DVDs.
For grandparents: Beautiful frame with photo of you/the whole family; posh tea and tea cake.
For your best friend: Have you been paying attention? They've probably dropped hints or whined about something they'd love all year. And if you still have no idea? A beautiful coffee table book; poker lessons; their favourite travel photo framed.
For your pet: A big walk followed by a good brushing; the Ralph Lauren polo shirt (I still think this is the most adorable thing ever) .
For your boss (assuming you don't hate them): A good bottle of wine; an interesting holiday read; coasters.
For your boss (assuming you already have a Voodoo doll of them): Cheese and cracker hamper (provided the cheese has been sitting under your desk for 24 hours).
For your favourite deli server/post office assistant/pilates teacher/landlord: A small box of panettone in the prettiest box you can find.
For your ex-boyfriend you're friends with again: Ah...
Last-minute gifts: Beach towel, Champagne, leather wallet, magazine subscription, Peugeot salt and pepper shakers.
For me: Have you checked out my Lust-Haves?

Two Films

This past week-and-a-half I attended some screenings of the Jewish Film Festival. The movies I saw were to me bland and unoriginal, however there were two documentaries that were very impressive and I whole-heartedly recommend you seek out.

HBO's Watermarks tells the story of the Hakoah Vienna Sports Club, specifically the women's swimming team, which were some of the most outstanding sportspeople in history. With the arrival of Hitler and life becoming increasingly humiliating and unbearable, the girls managed to leave and were scattered around the world. This documentary unites them after 65 years, for a swim in their beloved pool in Vienna. The women are magnificent and their stories unmissable.

There is a scene in the film that is jaw-dropping. The women are returning to Vienna. Greta, the formidable diver who emigrated to New Jersey, takes a cab from the airport to her hotel. The cabbie is mid-30s, and they chat about how this is her first time back in more than 60 years. He asks, "so you emigrated 60 years ago?", Greta replies, "yes...well, I was kicked out". Silence. You think the cabbie is uncomfortable. He makes small talk with a nonchalant, "they were hard times". Greta: "yes...it was easier for some people though..." The cabbie chirps up, "but this is not your homeland." Greta smiles and calmly says, "well I was born here, my mother was born here". "But you are a non-native...it was worse for those who were non-natives. Not German". Here is a young man and in this everyday exchange of passenger and cabbie we uncover the hatred is still running through the veins of our modern days.

Rene and I is another documentary that does everything to your emotions in 72 minutes. It sickens you, devastates you, breaks your heart, uplifts your soul. Irene and Rene are young twins living with their family in Czechoslovakia. After their Catholic father is taken away (and murdered by the Nazis) they and their mother are sent to Aushwitz. 'Saved' by the Angel of Death, Josef Mengeles, because they are twins and a particular interest of Mengeles, they are shortly seperated and experimented on. Orphans at the war's end, both are seperately moved around orphanages, families and countries, miraculously reunited in America and grow up with a loving family. Irene and Rene are so remarkable, so kind and intelligent and embracing life like we all believe we should, but don't. They give back so much, when so much was taken away from them.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Kate, from the 2006 Pirelli Calendar.

Take a look at the website (chez vous, not chez your boss). It's glorious. And educational! Look at how aesthetics have changed since the 60s.

Who is your favourite calendar girl?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Teary Eyed

The day they picked up Mariana.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I *heart* Sydney

So many great things happening here at the moment!

+ 5x2 by Francois Ozon starts this week. It was on in Noumea last December so I have been waiting a year to see it (will let you know my thoughts, La Dauphine!). There's also Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, The Constant Gardener, Wolf Creek and 36, Quai des Orfevres, but I'm not sure, I know it will be trop 'ollywood.

+ Pissarro, The First Impressionist exhibition has just started at the AGNSW. It's been a while since such an impressive show has touched down in Australia and as usual Edmond Capon has done a wonderful job. The streets are filled with Pissarro flags, the program is extensive (including a wonderful film program and fun celebrity talks). I hope to have enough time to fit a few activities in.

+ I have barely watched TV since moving in but there are so many televisual goodies this week. Tonight, The Office Christmas Special. On Thursday there's Return Of The Chef (remember John Burton Race who took his family to France for a year? Brilliant show and recipes. Well he's back in England and opening a new restaurant). One of the secret channels on digital TV has Jacques Reymond's Secret Recipe on Friday but Sliding Doors is also on and I love that movie. The DVD recorder will be working overtime on Saturday with the plane-spotter in me drooling at the promo doco Airbus A380 and later on Lilya 4-Ever.

We're All Sinners And Saints* (aka Polish Summer 2005**)

I don't like being tired on a Monday morning. But when you have a busy weekend, you can't have your menage a trois and eat it too.

N's birthday dinner at The Little Snail was very enjoyable, with all the French cliches like garlic snails, pate, duck a l'orange, creme caramel and profiteroles (yes, I sampled them all). Good Australian merlot too.

N and I enjoyed walking around King Street Wharf too much to actually go into the overpriced bars themselves. There was a very cute Italian boy in a navy blazer.

Suddenly we were keen for some action, and before we knew it we were cabbing it to chez moi and frantically cleaning the house waiting for N's friend Nick and his friend. When his friend arrived, I lost my hard on. Which means, reversing out of there and heading to Oxford Street for drinks.

After a Jagerbomb and more faux Champers at Gilligan's, the boys saved me by doing some secret men's nodding ritual thing and the friend took off. We took Nick home.

It was fun.

(No I didn't do him. I enjoyed fooling around but I think I have ADD. I got fidgety and restless and preferred dancing in the nude to my just-found Groove Terminator CD).

The rest of the weekend saw me shopping for homewares with my father (not recommended after no sleep), going to mum's to pack up some of my old bits and pieces but instead going to Double Bay and window shopping (there was an incredible Lanvin dress at Belinda's), then the soccer on Saturday night (great fun!).

Sunday was A's nephew's baptism (no one told us it was a whole church service. So I flicked through the bible. Did you know it is/was a sin to sleep with a woman during her period?). I wore the new stunning Betty & John silk wrap dress. It was good to see A's mum - she was teary when she saw me and we had a nice catch up. After nibbles back at his sister's we went to the nursery to buy me some pots and plants. I am definitely not earthy. 5 minutes there and I was bored and asking to go home. KMart will do just fine for my green thumb needs. We had dinner at Prasit's and it was amazing. Very good prices, lots of interesting Thai dishes. Although the conversation did drop off at that point - 10 hours sleep all weekend does that to me.

PS my baptism gift is pure me. Villeroy & Boch kids placemats. Winner.

* from Motley Crue's Too Young To Fall In Love, the song I'm listening to over and over again in my car.
** from the Polish influence that pervaded the weeked. First, the waiter at The Little Snail was Polish. The cocktail he brought for N was called Polish Summer. And what background was Nick? You guessed it. Polish.

A and I near the Cheesels. I love Cheesels.

I want to be in the boat playing with the coloured balls.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I Laughed So Hard I Almost...Forgot To Link These To You

Lookalikes (the most disturbing thing about this is the picture of Maradona).

These two entries from the AICE Trailer Park Festival: Ghandi and The Shining.

More Masstige

The phenomenon continues. Luella Bartley does a collection for Target, to be released in February. Thank you Fashionologie for the info.

I wonder where this is heading. Sure, I am head over heels for the idea, but it's an exhaustible concept and one that could eventually harm a brand. I think you either want to get on board NOW or forget about it.

Who would you like to see do a masstige collection? I can (and would love to) see Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Cavalli do one, but I'm not sure who else. Maybe Donatella could. Doubt the D&G boys would. Though anything's possible, right?

I Love This:

This is what I'm all about. My family, my background, my craziness.
Yuri is offended that I wear my seatbelt. He thinks seatbelts are for ninnies. "We live in democracy".
From an article by Marina Lewycka, author of A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday: Instead of going to a magazine Christmas party (what is this old-age-sick-of-wanky-types-prefer-a-good-meal-with-good-wine-and-good-conversation bullshit?), N and I went to (and stayed at) Five Ways for pizza and wine. Oh, pizza just as I like it, there are few things better. Thin, with minimal toppings. A la Italia. Five Ways in Paddington is one of my favourite areas in Sydney. Packed tightly with little eateries, pubs and designer shops (as well as some of the prettiest property), it really does feel like a slice of Europe. Disclaimer: I'm never one for cliches like "a little slice of (insert quaint country)" - in fact, I'm usually repulsed by these kinds of unimaginative comparisons. But last night there was something in the air, or maybe it was my mood, and everyone was out and the weather had a slight coolness and on our way to the magazine party we passed a restaurant called Tapenade ("tapas and clay pot specialties") that oozed charm and Spain and golden hues and drew us in. That, and the creme brulee specials on the blackboard. Tucked away in the courtyard N had the white chocolate and I the dark chocolate and they were served in flat clay pots and were a bit too rich but it was so damn charming. Must go back for a proper meal. Must.

Today: Today is N's birthday and it's the perfect day for a birthday: blue sky, sunny, warm. There are one dozen long stem red roses heading her way because she deserves them. She is a great friend. Tonight we are going with her mum and aunt to the infamous Little Snail for dinner. It's a Sydney institution and I've never been, so am looking forward to it.

Tomorrow: A cleaning day thanks to my new washing machine (it has funky buttons - I'm excited) and a plant-buying trip on Sunday (need to scrub the balcony, could be interesting). In the evening N and I are going to watch the football/soccer (Sydney FC vs Perth Glory) and with this week's AMAZING result of Australia qualifying for next year's World Cup (!!!) we are hoping for a huge turnout and party atmosphere.

And the day after tomorrow: I have been invited to A's nephew's Christening (what do I buy as a present?!) which should be interesting. His other ex will be there (she's best friends with A's sister, I know, complicated) but I am looking forward to catching up with his sister, mum and grandmother, for whom I might wear my new Guccis. She loves my shoes - what a woman and what taste!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Carine, Mon Amour

I'm not the only one with a fetish for Carine.

She's everywhere this week. Brilliantly Gawker translates some of her fabulous fashion musings:

“They have to sell bags, bags, bags, bags, bags, bags. I hate handbags.” [Translation: I don’t give a shit about about Marc Jacobs’ quilted Stella bag.]

“Maybe if you write it, they send me some [pants]. You never know. My size is small.” [Translation: I’m adorably shameless.]

“Botox? No. I don’t like Botox. It makes a very strange forehead.” [Translation: I fear Nicole Kidman.]

“Every day you have to think you are a soldier. It’s true. Always have to fight. I’m fighting to keep a level to the magazine.” [Translation: Reese Witherspoon does not belong on my cover.]

On why she doesn’t wear fur: “Because it has a smell.” [Translation: It’s not about PETA.]

On being shy: “I keep my hair down as my protection. With a drink it is better. I am very fun after one glass of vodka. I am more beautiful, too.” [Translation: I’m just a normal drunk!]

And, on Anna Wintour: “She taught me a lot. Maybe she think I go up too much, I don’t know… I want good relations with her. But…” [Translation: I’m just as afraid of her as you are.]

And there's more idolising over in the UK Tele.

Vanessa And Chanel And Bags...Oh Lordy

Ideal Home

As the year comes to a wrap, I'm thinking of all the things that have left an impression on me throughout 2005, and I want to document them.

In the September issue of Vogue Australia, I fell head over heels in love with the interior decorating section, which covered Carolina Herrara Jr's apartment in Madrid. I lusted over those pages, ignoring the rest of the magazine, and completely obsessing over each detail. It's full of personal treasures, but not clutter. Old books and amazing fabrics. A blackboard. Photos. Dishevelled and honest.

The thing is, I have always been Modern With Warmth™. It's basically earth tones, classic design, space, accentuated with colour from silk olive cushions or a timeless curve lamp. Fortunately A was also all about Modern With Warmth™ so we had no problems decorating the house we had together. And when I bought my own apartment this year, I carried the theme over (along with half the furniture), as the apartment and area suit this aesthetic.

But one day, when I have an apartment in Paris, St Trop or Woollahra, this is how I will deck it out. I love how she upholsters pieces that are tired or she's bored with, instead of buying something new. I love the Moroccan mirror. I love how she shops on eBay!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ces Petits Riens

1. I love Borders. I want to support local bookshops but I just love Borders. I love the 3-for-2, I love the airy spaces, I love the helpful staff.

I went in on Saturday with mum and we spent over an hour in there, walking out with:
+ In Her Shoes, Jennifer Weiner (for my sister)
+ Don't Tell Mum I Work On The Rigs (She Thinks I'm a Piano Player in a Whorehouse), Paul Carter (for my brother-in-law, only to find out he has it)
+ The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (it was 3-for-2, I've ordered the French from Amazon)
+ Garlic and Sapphires, Ruth Reichl
+ Jackie Weaver's autobiography
+ The Commonwealth Of Thieves, Thomas Keneally
+ The Silver Spoon, Phaidon (glorious, please buy it, please. If you can find a copy that is, it is completely sold out, yet I managed to nab one! Oh the joy!)

2. At the Vintage Bazaar, I actually managed to find something more than decent. A gorgeous blue-almost-lavendar 70s dress (polyester!) with sexy low V-neck back - $20! A bit of tailoring and it will be perfect for Sunday afternoon drinks at Ravesi's. Photo to come - where is my camera?!

3. I am severly pissed off that my friend N has today been made redundant. I want the best for her and hope she finds something truly great.

4. I had my nails done at one of those cheap and cheerful Korean nail bars on Saturday in the ubiquitous I'm Really Not A Waitress by OPI and no wonder it is such a hot seller, it's a gorgeous Dorothy's ruby slippers red.

5. I love this shot from Grand Magasin. I want it on my wall at home. I love when someone offers a light to your cigarette. It's a small gesture that is so sophisticated and sexy to me. Even more so when they hold your gaze through the orange flame and white smoke.

Friday, November 11, 2005

This Weekend, Starting In 11 Minutes

...starts with a cold drink at the Clovelly.

...will find me at the Vintage Bazaar:

Come trawl through the gorgeous selection of vintage clothes and accessories sourced from the Sydney Theatre Company costume department and the generous donations of our subscribers and friends at the Sydney Theatre Company Pier Group’s Vintage Bazaar. Pick up a pretty 50s summer frock for a song, grab some stylish old hats and hatboxes on the cheap, or walk away with a smile and an original glomesh purse.

...sees me eating Vietnamese.

...is picnicing with my sister et al before they leave for Colombia on Monday.

Bon weekend a tous.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

In The Mood For Proenza

More ideal me, this time personified by Amber Valetta in head-to-toe Proenza Schouler:

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bag Lady-In-Waiting

Those that know me know I'm all about shoes. I love love love shoes. I love accessories, but I worship shoes.

But it's dawned on me this week that I have neglected bags. I ooh and aah over bags but I never give them much thought. And then the strap on my favourite little bag - a vintage-looking number made from green wooden beads that people call my "pea bag", that goes with me everywhere - snapped off and I've decided I need to expand the bag department in my cupboard. Rather quickly too, as the obsession sets in.

I wish (courtesy of Saks):

Gucci Medium Hobo

Gucci Medium Hobo

Moschino Cheap And Chic Goatskin Shoulder Bag

Yves Saint Laurent Vincennes Hobo

Jimmy Choo Perforated Olivia Hobo

Jimmy Choo Signature Pocket Hobo

Or anything from Bottega Veneta...Etro...Fendi...Miu Miu...

Monday, November 07, 2005

(Too Much) Food, Glorious Food

Friday night: Fatty duck, vegetable hotpot and gelato Drumsticks. Occasion: DVD night in with N. We watched Under The Tuscan Sun (I love Diane Lane but this was not good) and Dirty Dancing. Why? Because stop press, I have never seen Dirty Dancing.

...(segway) I have also never seen:
* ET
* Any Harry Potter
* Gone With The Wind
* Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
* Breakfast At Tiffany's
* Only the first of The Matrix and Lord Of The Rings trilogies

On the other hand I have probably seen more obscure foreign films than the average cinefile snob. Hey, it's my thang.

Saturday night: Moules frites (but bad frites) and chocolate beer at Epoque with A.
Sunday lunch: Seafood platters at Nick's Bondi Beach. Occasion: Dad's birthday. What a day. Blue sky, hot, the sea, glorious.

As if all this eating is not enough, I've just read a feature on high tea in The Australian's wanky "we're not as wanky as the Sydney magazine" Wish magazine and I am pining to be whisked away for a few hours of lavish surrounds and dedacant nibblies. High tea is quite du jour in Sydney but thanks to it's high cost I haven't enjoyed it for a few years - the last time being at the Sheraton On The Park and it was delightful.

I would sell a pair of shoes to be in London right now, indulging in high tea at The Ritz. Please, please visit their website, because I can't be the only one inwardly squeeling over the loveliness of their high tea salon:

...and this: "During the week a pianist plays and at weekends a harpist."

...and this: "Reservations are strongly recommended at least six weeks in advance."

...and their formal dress code: "Gentlemen are requested to wear a jacket and tie when using The Palm Court or The Ritz Restaurant. Jeans and/or training shoes are not permitted in these areas."

....and their menu, which, after 7.30pm, includes a glass of Champagne:

£34.00 per person (£35.00 per person from 1st January 2006)
Afternoon Tea Sandwiches
Smoked Salmon
Egg Mayonnaise with Cress
Chicken and Mayonnaise
Cucumber with Cream Cheese
Freshly Baked Raisin and Apple Scones with Devonshire Clotted Cream
and organic Strawberry Preserve
Assortment of Afternoon Tea Pastries and Cakes
Fruits of The Forest Compote with English Cream
Ritz Selected Teas or Ritz Blend Filter Coffee

Friday, November 04, 2005

Doo Ri And Fra La La

Stumbled upon this little nugget on NYMetro.com today - Economy of One. It asks cool people how would they spend X dollars. It's always a fun hypothetical and I love perving into people's lives.

The most recent addition is designer Doo-Ri Chung, and I checked out her spring 2006 collection. A big 'wow'. It's all shades of sand, Champagne and silken latte - all hues that make me weak at the knees and I'm convinced look good on everybody. This is a designer to watch, nay, stalk.

Dream World

I dreamt last night SJP came to visit wherever I was. She was extremely beautiful, with flawless, golden skin, her golden blonde hair perfectly tied back. I was gushing about her wonderful her perfume was, that I so admired her for making the perfume that she wanted and not some fluff-in-a-bottle that would appeal en masse. The fact is her perfume isn't really anything to me, it's one giant final note and no layers of deliciousness. The bottle is, ah, lovely, though.

It would be fun to be friends with SJP, I'm sure.

Oh and I bought some Guccis today.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

May I Recommend

"A beautiful soft rose pink colour, with aromas of rosewater, musk and Turkish delight on the nose. The luscious palate displays raspberry, strawberry and rose characters, supported by a fresh, soft and fruity finish" - Yellowglen Vintage Bella 2005.

What is it about Champagne. I mean, faux Champagne. It is so delightful. It is delightfullness in a bottle (and what a pretty bottle and packaging we have with the Vintage Bella). $17 a bottle. I am buying a case.

Faux Champers was enjoyed in copious amounts yesterday. It flowed like it would in a magical, fairytale land where the women are beautiful and the men aren't arseholes.

Because hallelujah it was raining arseholes last night and I just about reached my tether.

...I'm just about to reach my tether now too. How can I be at work for another 6 hours. This is painful.