Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Today We Are Talking Fashion

First, Marni. I love you Marni, I love you Consuela. I want Maggie Gyllenhall's complete outfit and I want to thank you for making Claire Danes look good. All I need now is to see Kate Moss in something Marni and I will be a very happy fashionista.

Next, I love Carine Roitfeld. I have a girl-crush on her, always have. You are perfection.

Chanel, can I just say how right you are using Vanessa Paradis for your ad campaign, and to please keep up the good work. It's beyond the perfect match. Alternatively Julie Delpy would be ridiculously perfect as well.

Lastly, I have three fashion goals in life:

* A Dolce E Gabbana black corset dress - check. Bought two years ago.
* A pair of incredible Manolos or Choos.
* A Chanel tweed jacket in either black or beige.

I vowed to buy the Chanel jacket for my 30th birthday present, and last night I did the maths. Sorry to tarnish the beauty of fashion with the ugliness of dollars and calculators. I have just over three years till said birthday. Estimating the jacket to cost $6,000 equals $166 a month, or just over $40 a week.

You know me. This ain't gonna happen. Not because I can't save - I'm capable of that - but I have a mortgage. I mean, it will happen, just not by my own doing. The $40 a week is better spent on Lotto tickets or a downpayment on a flight to St Trop', where Monsieur Sugardaddeee is waiting to treat me.


Blogger Jules said...

Something else that will make you a happy fashionista: when I was at TJ's place in SF, she showed me the Sept issue with Vogue which has Sarah Jessica Parker (fab photo spread). I'm going to buy the issue and bring it back to Australia with me for you to drool over, even if it does weigh a ton and require the clear felling of a small rainforest in South America somewhere (I cannot believe how thick and heavy this issue is - you will die when you receive it!!)

2:45 AM  
Blogger TessaJ said...

I was thinking about this today. One, how I sometimes get irritated when I see rich celebrities walking around in head-to-toe designer, and I think, They don't even realize how beautiful those clothes are. When you get that Chanel jacket, it really will be special.

Then I was thinking about my "shoe funds," and how I bought my Manolos after I had this horrible student who I couldn't get removed from the classroom. So every time our class met, I put five dollars in my shoe fund. By the time the semester was over, I bought my Manolos.

8:34 AM  

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