Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Je n'ai pas peur de la route, faudrait voir, faut qu'on y goute

I leave tomorrow to chase the sun. This time with good friend D, and we can't wait.

June 7-10, I'll be visiting a friend in a little town near Siena, Italy
June 10-13, Madrid
June 13-19, Ibiza
June 19-23, Barcelona
June 23-26, Florence
June 26-29, Amsterdam
June 29-July 2, Paris
July 2-6, Dublin
July 6-9, London

Never fear, the travel blog is back so click over to Une Flaneuse.

If you are around and share a love of kirs, buzz me. Blogeuses, let's arrange something?

While I pack, enjoy The Rakes (who we'll be seeing in Paris, woo hoo!)...

Wish you were here
Where the palm trees sway
I'm happy and I'm relaxed
I'm not bitter in the least


When I heard Sophia Loren was opening the Australian Italian Film Festival I jumped on the phone to get tickets. I idolise Sophia almost as much as La Bardot - she is too beautiful for words. So off we went on Saturday night to see the world premiere of Anita and catch a glimpse of her.

George Negus MCd in jeans and a creased jacket, what a disgrace the bloody communist, while Sophia was stupendous in a warm champagne ballgown showing off her beautiful skin. As stunning as ever. The movie on the other hand was abysmally bad, really had you questioning how movies this bad get made. However it has me wanting to read a book on Italy's history so if you can recommend a good one drop me a line.

Monday, June 04, 2007

On Exercise

I have become obsessed with pilates and yoga. I actually wake up in the morning and think, do I have a class today? I can't wait for it, and afterwards I get in the car needing to readjust the rearview mirror because I'm hitting my head on the roof.

As the world's laziest person, this is yet another of my ebb and flows and I know it takes one cold evening, one bad day at work, to lose the momentum. It shifts from 'I have a class tonight' to 'I really should go tonight' and that's it, gone. Oh well.

The Other Night

I had one of the best dreams of my life. Giorgio Locatelli and I. Molto delicioso.

R, book that table!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Freebie Fun

Last night D and I attended a product launch as part of a competition I'd won that included a night at the Sir Stamford Circular Quay. We had a hilaaaarious night making witty (read: drunk) observations, like that Jennifer Hawkins seems like a nice girl and is very pretty in person, that a loathed fashion designer has fat sausage fingers and it's about time he lost the accent, that Sydney girls dress all the same and you can only describe them as sheep, all while loitering around the oyster bar and scoffing divine finger food from a chef I still hate but seems like he's lifted his game, like Scotch (quail) eggs, mini arancini with rosemary, and more cocktails. Because well, we'll never be Jennifer Hawkins and wouldn't want to.

The hotel was nice as a freebie but it saddens me (does it? World poverty should sadden me, not the state of Sydney hotels) that it's called a five-star, aka there's no more room for improvement, this is the best. No, it's not. It's like any other chain hotel with Australian landscape prints on the wall, bain marie eggs and teenage staff, so my rec is don't spring for a romantic weekend there - stay at my place and I'll cook you a better breakfast.

L-r: cute-as-a-button and a designer I really admire; tiny and sweet; too plump for the stupid bolero; nuff said