Monday, November 28, 2005

Part Deux

Wow, what a difference a good night's sleep makes. I feel back to normal.

I sometimes forget this is my online diary-of-sorts and think of it more as a lookbook. I want to get back to writing about me and what's in my head.

And that starts with honesty. My memory is shocking so if I'm not honest here I'll read back on this in years to come and accept what's happened word for word, not remembering the fill-in-the-gaps.

A and I took an e after we all dispersed on Sunday morning and headed back to mine. We have been fucking for a few weeks now. It started with a drink back at mine after dinner one night and emerged into one of the most passionate kisses I've ever had. Kisses that make the world dance. Kisses that don't need to go further, that are just so delicious you could stay there, pressed up against the wall until... I had no delusions, I knew it was sex with an ex and I was unmoved the day after. I always thought if it did happen I would have hangups and I have no interest in being hungup over him so as much as I desire him that was not enough. But we slept together and I and we were fine. *touch wood*

So the chemicals kick in and it is bliss. We listen to Mauvaises Nouvelles des Etoiles and James and talk and dance and he even invites me for a dance and we talk about us and it's honest talk although it is on my part and I want to ask him if it was on his part. It's really beautiful talking (isn't everything beautiful on e) and he tells me "I love you", but I think it's irrelevant. It's just a beautiful night and special to share with someone special. The day after is horrible, although probably the easiest come down to date, but it is still nasty and I search for just one endorphin in my body to cheer me up.

The party itself was great, but went too fast. It started to rain halfway through so we huddled undercover with faux Champers and cigarettes and the beautiful view. I think only one guy came in jeans so well done! Photos are to come - N and I are old school and just cannot get into digital photography so you'll have to wait for the photos to be processed.

I love this photo of Gainsbourg. One of my favourites.
It is so sexy to me, so full of character.
I love the women's voices and the reggae beat on the last track,
"bad news from the stars..."


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