Monday, November 21, 2005

We're All Sinners And Saints* (aka Polish Summer 2005**)

I don't like being tired on a Monday morning. But when you have a busy weekend, you can't have your menage a trois and eat it too.

N's birthday dinner at The Little Snail was very enjoyable, with all the French cliches like garlic snails, pate, duck a l'orange, creme caramel and profiteroles (yes, I sampled them all). Good Australian merlot too.

N and I enjoyed walking around King Street Wharf too much to actually go into the overpriced bars themselves. There was a very cute Italian boy in a navy blazer.

Suddenly we were keen for some action, and before we knew it we were cabbing it to chez moi and frantically cleaning the house waiting for N's friend Nick and his friend. When his friend arrived, I lost my hard on. Which means, reversing out of there and heading to Oxford Street for drinks.

After a Jagerbomb and more faux Champers at Gilligan's, the boys saved me by doing some secret men's nodding ritual thing and the friend took off. We took Nick home.

It was fun.

(No I didn't do him. I enjoyed fooling around but I think I have ADD. I got fidgety and restless and preferred dancing in the nude to my just-found Groove Terminator CD).

The rest of the weekend saw me shopping for homewares with my father (not recommended after no sleep), going to mum's to pack up some of my old bits and pieces but instead going to Double Bay and window shopping (there was an incredible Lanvin dress at Belinda's), then the soccer on Saturday night (great fun!).

Sunday was A's nephew's baptism (no one told us it was a whole church service. So I flicked through the bible. Did you know it is/was a sin to sleep with a woman during her period?). I wore the new stunning Betty & John silk wrap dress. It was good to see A's mum - she was teary when she saw me and we had a nice catch up. After nibbles back at his sister's we went to the nursery to buy me some pots and plants. I am definitely not earthy. 5 minutes there and I was bored and asking to go home. KMart will do just fine for my green thumb needs. We had dinner at Prasit's and it was amazing. Very good prices, lots of interesting Thai dishes. Although the conversation did drop off at that point - 10 hours sleep all weekend does that to me.

PS my baptism gift is pure me. Villeroy & Boch kids placemats. Winner.

* from Motley Crue's Too Young To Fall In Love, the song I'm listening to over and over again in my car.
** from the Polish influence that pervaded the weeked. First, the waiter at The Little Snail was Polish. The cocktail he brought for N was called Polish Summer. And what background was Nick? You guessed it. Polish.

A and I near the Cheesels. I love Cheesels.

I want to be in the boat playing with the coloured balls.


Anonymous April said...

You're beautiful! I love the dress too :)

2:26 PM  
Blogger Julia said...

If I could blush, I would!

2:33 PM  
Blogger TessaJ said...

The whole weekend sounds fun, but I must say I'm happy the baptism went okay (and the gift sounds perfect).

7:30 AM  
Blogger la.dauphine said...

You're SO photogenic... we need more pics of you!

1:07 AM  

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