Monday, October 31, 2005

This Week

Reading: December Vogue, guest editted by model Gemma Ward (I'm not a fan of hers); still reading Gainsbourg by Gilles Verlant - it's big!
Watching: South Park. Oh how I love juvenile humour!
Eating: Healthy until the end of November. Brilliant tapas at Captain Torres last night.
Bought: eBay bargains - 2 fun Diane Von Furstenburg tops, Gharani Strok black skirt.
Listening To: Red, White And Crue, Motley Crue's Greatest Hits; You're Under Arrest, Gainsbourg, especially Mon Legionnaire.

Gainsbourg's version of Mon Legionnaire is superb. I could quote lines from it, but I would have to quote the entire song, as the words are so beautiful and moving. I want this picture on my wall (from the You're Under Arrest CD booklet):

Friday, October 28, 2005


Catherine Deneuve will be the face of MAC in February! How do I know? From this fabulous mini photo slideshow from the NY Times. Bless you MAC.

Look at that photo! It's just spectacular.

Wherefore Art Thou Going, Stila?

Estee Lauder is selling Stila. Some articles on it's downfall:

Business Wire.

In recent years there has been an avalanche of boutique makeup brands, and as I expected, it seems they aren't doing too well. Stila suffered "operating losses of $3.3 million for the latest quarter" (Reuters). Essentially, with all these cult brands, it's all in the packaging, however Stila is unique in that it created a number of 'new' products and focused on quality, colour and texture (their finely-milled eyeshadows and brushes especially). Who knows who will buy it, and who knows if the quality will be maintained.

Favourite Stila products: Kitten, Chime, Diamond Li'l eyeshadows, Pussycat Doll, Watermelon lipglazes, Lotus rouge pot, #20 eye enhancer brush.

Did you know Estee Lauder owns MAC? I know they own just about everything else, but, MAC? Fortunately MAC and Bobbi Brown, two of my favourite brands, are doing well.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

More Stella For H&M

Pics from the launch party (thanks UK Vogue).

The full collection.

Verdict? I don't *gasp* like it. OK I love the black wide leg pants (below) and will have to get those, but where are the cami and jeans that I love? It is very Stella, but very one kind of Stella. I think she's targeted a very specific mood and therefore may only attract a very specific kind of fashionista. Of course, it will all sell out in a millisecond, but I was must more impressed with Lagerfeld's collection (or maybe Lagerfeld can simply do no wrong in my eyes). Keen to hear your thoughts.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Petit Cadeau A Mes Clickeurs

About half of my blog visitors are those who arrive after googling "stella mccartney h&m" or variations sur le meme t'aime.

So, for you out there, a sneak preview, and tomorrow, the whole collection!
(Nothing really grabs me from this installment, however I still must have the cami and jeans).

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Little Baby Girl!

I wasn't allowed to publish my original post as it hadn't been made official - well, almost 3 weeks later, it is! And here she is, my beautiful little niece - Mariana!

She is 5 months old, born in Medellin (Colombia) and my sister, brother-in-law and nephew will be going to pick her up in the next few weeks.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Weekend

Three dominant themes to cover from this weekend:

Weird people.
More weird people.

Friday night: Started off at the Robin Hood for $5 schnitzel and wine. Old school acquaintance L joined us and as she is engaged, wedding-talk pretty much takes up the conversation. Luckily she is not a bridezilla. However she told us about a workmate who booked a function centre for her wedding. She is single, but, you know, these things book out well in advance. She had to cancel the booking as by the time she had to pay the deposit she was still single.

Then, went to see *whispers* Urinetown. Friend is the costume designer and the group did a fabulous job. Such amazing voices. During the show, however, a mobile phone rang behind me. The girl answered it. She left her seat to continue the conversation near the front door. This is the Bondi Pavillion, a tiny stage and room. She was practically part of the cast, standing there off-stage, chatting away. She then walked out to keep blabbing away, slamming the doors loudly behind her. Un. Be. Lievable.

Oh and she was wearing ugg boots. To the theatre. So it was not opening night of La Traviata in Milan, but it's still a Friday night at the theatre.

Drinks followed, as did conversations about hen's nights, and strippers. All the women agreed they are a big no-no. There is nothing sexy about a male stripper, and the stupid giggling from the 'hens' is embarassing. N recalled that a stripper she had seen at a hen's night had seepage. Yes. Seepage. There. Oh the horror.

The rest of the weekend saw me buy another wrap dress from one of my designers, Betty & John; coffee, granita and the most stunning zucchini flowers with 5 cheeses at my favourite place Fratelli Fresh with I; and N's friend's birthday party at an R&B club. Men are really getting shorter. It's discouraging. I like between 6' and 6'5. But they all seem to be boob-height.


I saw two movies this week/weekend:

Bombon - lovely little movie - spoiler - nothing bad happens to the dog. I sit on edge in any movie (real or cartoon, MA or PG) that involves animals, expecting something horrible to happen. Bambi, anyone? Dumbo? How about Milo and Otis? Exactly.

Mad Hot Ballroom - pure delight. Love these movies/docos (think Etre et Avoir). The kids are wonderful and the music - oh!

Friday, October 21, 2005


I want to...learn how to give good massage. But I am worried about having some sweaty hairy man as my practise partner.

I want to...get new glasses. I rarely wear glasses anymore because well, I want new ones. I alternate between frameless and Nana. Is there anything else? What do you wear?

I want to...go on holiday. Anywhere. I am desperate to feel the etrange.

I want a hat for the spring racing carnival. I have the dress(es), but no hat. And the Melbourne Cup is a week away. Panic.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

That's It

From Gaping Void.

El Bulli

Finally took a deep breath and ventured into Chez Pim. As if I need more hunger pangs and restaurant lemmings. But then when else will I have the opportunity to get up close and personal with such amazing restaurants, such as El Bulli, which I have always wanted to go to, and I definitely will, one day. Not next year, where it seems more and more likely I will be feasting on pecorino and granita and simple pasta and Berthillion icecream and Nutella and banana crepes. Oh and hot dogs.

Look at her slideshow of the meal. It just looks so original, so different, so must-save-up-and-visit.

A Woman's Right To Shoes

Ok, I don't blame you for thinking "this girl is obsessed with SATC!" with all the posting I've been doing lately, but actually before Jules brought me the boxed set from China I had only seen the occassional episode. It's been really fun to get right into it and follow it from the beginning.

A Woman's Right To Shoes is probably my favourite episode. I love the idea behind it (and sheesh I love the look right at the end: white/floral loose blouse, khaki wide leg capris and those Manolos - plus her confident hop over the puddle). It's hard to find fault with the reasoning - that we celebrate those who choose to get engaged/married/have children (and with gifts!) but not those who choose to be single and happy, or, married to yourself.

So...those who are single and loving it - would you marry yourself and throw a party (with gifts!)?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I am so happy now that it's warm, and the days are longer, and there is gold in the air and the skies are blue. It is mid-October, mid-spring, and soon it will be summer and soon the year will be over. It is time to embrace spring with both need-a-tan-arms.

What are your favourite spring things?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuscan dinner

From my new favourite cookbook Twelve, by Tessa Kiros.
This is authentic summer Tuscan cooking. Looks very impressive, is way easy and takes no time to prepare.

Bruschetta Con Pomodoro (bruschetta with tomato)
Grill both sides of some sliced Italian country bread. Rub a clove of garlic over one side of the bread - the heat will 'cook' the garlic. Dice two tomotoes or a punnet of cherry tomatoes, season with salt and pepper, add a good amount of the best olive oil you can find, and add some torn basil. Spoon over the grilled bread.

Spaghetti Con Zucchini (spaghetti with zucchini)
Thinly slice 5 zucchinis. Heat a good lug of olive oil over medium heat and add 2 cloves of garlic slightly flattened with the side of the knife (seriously, do garlic this way instead of crushing/slicing). Once you can smell the garlic, lower the heat to low-medium and add the zucchini, cooking for about 15 minutes until some of the zucchini has become golden. Cook the spaghetti while the zucchini is cooking. Drain the pasta, reserving some of the cooking water. Mix the pasta with the zucchini, add some torn basil leaves and serve with a little extra olive oil on top, and parmesan.

Monday, October 17, 2005

C'est Un Weekend (Pas) Comme Un Autre...

Friday night: $5 steak at the local. Interesting (ie pleasant and conversationalist) company, one of whom has, according to N later on, "A-grade cock".
Saturday: I go to mum's and make two sandwiches. With quince paste, turkey and cheese. I place the plate on the bedside table and go to the bathroom. I come back and see Nut licking his lips and one slice of cheese mysteriously absent.


Saturday night: After driving past the Races and seeing the girls in cheap, assymetrical dresses and the men wearing...jeans...I decided I would dress up this Saturday night. Lime silk Ferretti dress with olive Ferretti top - winning combination.
N and I start off at the pub with a bottle of faux Champers, and I develop the most serious craving for laksa. So we go to one of the most famous Thai holes-in-the-wall, but no laksa. What the...? Cab to the Cross for Roses' farewell drinks. Rose was my PR agent and after a trip to Europe mid-year she has given it all up to go and live in New York. Bitch. Double bitch. Then onto Prague for a glass of wine and their weak-at-the-knees-inducing blue cheese-stuffed deep fried mushrooms. Yes, they are as delectable as they sound, and then some.
At this point we decide to let world's collide, by inviting random friends to join us. B - fresh from waxing his monobrow - showed up before we even pressed the Send button, and we half-enjoy a strip club before hightailing it to the institution that is Retro. Retro is ABBA, Bee Gees, Flashdance, Wham!, Dirty Dancing. Retro is hen's night central. Retro is ugly bright lights in the bathroom that illuminate the vomit in the sink. We invite Lee to join us because I need to feel a man's lips on mine, and he seems willing to oblige. But then the night goes downhill rapidly.
I've never encountered a guy who wouldn't take no for an answer. Anytime I've been at a club, met a guy, pashed and then dashed, it's either been can-I-get-your-number or see-you-later. Lee did not accept when I said we were heading off, and it just became quite horrible. It's in the past now, and I hope I - or any of you - never meet this kind of man again.

True arseholes encountered in 2005: 2
Sunday: Brunch, then I tried on my Favourite Pair Of Shoes (valid July 2005 - present). They fit and look a dream, and my search for them on eBay continues. Also cooed over a pair of Rudolph Menudier olive satin open-toed beauties with zipper over the toe. But, satin? What the hell is satin on a shoe? Completely impractical, and a poor cousin to leather.

Sunday afternoon I got a shock related to world came crashing down...but I will wait until I know exactly what is going on. In my numb state I went to mum's to cook her a dinner from my new Tuscan cookbook (Italian is my favourite cuisine, and Tuscany may just be my favourite food region). It was one of the most delicious meals I've ever cooked, followed to the letter, and so satisfying to prepare. The recipe to follow.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Last Night

I have been doing a weekly French conversation class, just to keep up my fluency, entitled Vous avez dit choquant? We discuss cultural actualities that have shocked French society from the second half of last century. Although there hasn't been much discussion - we've watched two films out of four classes (the first was Jules et Jim), which is not great for my wallet but fine for my post-work lethargic self, where the most I can summons is an enthusiastic "bonne soiree!" as I head for the lifts.

Last night we watched L'Amant.

I read the book in English when I was much younger and it really struck me, then saw the English-dubbed version when it came out but was disappointed. This French version felt right. I really recommend both book and movie, even if your French is not that fluent, it is very easy to understand.

To be honest though, I really didn't need to be stuck in a classroom watching an extremely sexy, moving film set in Vietnam. It was torture. I need sex. I want to go to Vietnam. Repeat.

I've Decided

I am going to get the Vivienne Westwood suit that Carrie wears to Vogue (the Manolo Mary Jane episode) made for me. I've searched eBay to no avail, and it's just such a damn hot suit that I must have it.
What is the one outfit you would love from Sex and the City?

Tag Team

I got tagged by La Dauphine! *puffs out chest* I hope I don't disappoint with my...

1. I created that dark dark red nail polish before Chanel did with Rouge Noir. I wanted a red nail polish that was darker than the standard reds, so would apply a coat of black with a coat of cherry red on the top. Everyone at school went nuts over it, so I started mixing bottles for people. Then the whole Rouge Noir phenomenon swept the world and I was always so chuffed that I'd started the trend before Chanel. Years later I nabbed a bottle and felt it came a poor second to my own blend.

2. I wanted to be a stripper when I was 12. I still have no idea where that desire arose from.

3. While in New Caledonia I became addicted to The Bold And The Beautiful dubbed in French. Even better, it's French title is Amour, Gloire et Beaute, and I always got a little thrill as the theme song came on alongside the 80s footage of an imitation fashion parade. When I returned back to Sydney I was surprised to hear Ridge's voice and wondered why it was so different...

4. I am physically replused by the feel of winter clothes on my body. I would rather be cold than put on jumpers and layers.

5. I hate cooked carrots with a passion. I will eat pretty much anything else, but cooked carrots.

I'm tagging my sister, Susie.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I Want A Week Off

I want a week off to:

+ Go vintage shopping.
+ Make quirky jewellery.
+ Bake a fabulous cake.
+ Taste-test more cupcakes.
+ Make homemade face masks with honey and/or yoghurt.
+ Have brunch with a good book.
+ Buy these Louboutins and walk around the house in them:

Of course, should I have a week off, I would spend it lying on the couch, watching beyond-dull daytime TV, eating stale popcorn and greasy Chinese, then feel guilty for wasting My Week Off.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Art. Culture. Paris.

Every blog I read today screams of the amazing art and cultural events happening in Paris at the moment. As a result I have serious art-envy. Merci to the delectable Suzanne who described some of the events of this year's Nuit Blanche (which is yet another genius idea). This one really caught my eye - I mean, how brilliant does it sound!:
In the middle of the bld de Belleville Andrea Crews had constructed a big runway complete with lights and lined with chairs. Guys with clipboards were signing up all-comers on the street who then jumped into a huge "clothes pit" of donated vetements. Hairdressers and make-up artists
attended to them and finally they strutted their stuff on the runway in front of locals who had bagged the front row seats. It was about 4 deep with standing room only an hour before the event.

Then onto La Dauphine's highlights of FIAC 2005. *sigh* and more *sigh* Thank you lovely ladies for sharing and allowing me a tiptoed peak into some of my favourite things. Art. Culture. Paris.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Futures Vedettes

Mark my words: Amira Cesar (La Verite Si Je Mens/Would I Lie To You) is going to be all over the Who's Hot/It Girl/Steal Her Style/Fashion Icon pages. She's stunning.

(More to come)

Jane Birkin is her mother. Serge is her papa 2. Nuff said. Lou Doillon:

Le Ex

Carrie gets an even bigger wake-up call when Big rings her up and asks her to lunch at the Boathouse in Central Park. Carrie agrees to go and when she confides in Miranda, the friends have their first big fight. Miranda tells Carrie that it's a huge mistake to see Big again and Carrie calls Miranda "judgmental."
I love this episode (season 3, episode 48). Carrie has tried it with Big two, three times, including the affair. He suggests lunch, she considers, and agrees with a why not. Like I agreed a few weeks ago, to have a coffee with A. We tried twice, including no affairs. Why did I agree? Why did I agree after being so upset after each failed attempt at giving it another go (and another)? After crying and losing my faith in relationships - me, O Optimistic One! Because I don't have feelings for him anymore. I am neutral with him. If he chose to not contact me for two weeks, I would not be affected. Sure, I would think "arsehole", but I would not be upset about it. If you want to give me the girl-who-cried-wolf treatment, that's fine. I enjoy his occasional company, as I enjoy my other friends' company, and know if he were to ask me back, I would say no. I have no interest in a relationship with him, or anyone else (I don't mean you, Freddie). And if you're rolling your eyes, and thinking I'm pathetic a la Miranda's "you're pathetic", well hey. I'll be the first to admit I'm very wary of going through any of that again, and cringe at women who get egg on their face. But let's not get all high and mighty. I think that's just as cringe-worthy.

The Weekend/This Week

Listening To: Strange Days, The Doors; Quelqu'un M'a Dit, Carla Bruni.
Wearing: These gorgeous chandelier earrings from one of my new designers.
Drinks With: Lee The Landscaper ("you and I would either have a massive fight or end up love making") and Hank The American Footballer basketballer who can't shut up about himself.
Tonight: Fashion parade for up-and-coming designers.
Ate: Friday night at Balzac - the stars were not aligned that night. Family issues. Good food but does not deserve two hats. Saturday night at Billy Kwong's, thanks to a bet. This is said bet, which I posted on a message board afterwards:
I jsut bet that Eva Herzigova is or was marreid to Ricahdn Smabor but in fact she was marriec to Tico Torsres. Heather lokcer is still marreid to Ricahrd Samonro. Who would hawvw thought.

Now, my brain is a sponge for useless pop culture facts and figures. I know that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas share the same birthday. I know that Heidi Klum had her first child with Flavio Briatore. I know that Linda Evangelista was engaged to Fabien Barthez. I know it all. Except that's not true. Apparently everyone but me knows that Eva was married to Tico Torres, which of course now seems so obvious. Moving on.

The banquet was lovely despite the almost 3 hour wait for a table, with steamed oysters, steamed fish, heavily spiced duck and so on.

Who did I have dinner with? See the post above.

Monday, October 10, 2005


I forgot to enter Manolo's essay contest. Did you? Would love to read your entry. Email moi.

"It Twitched!"

I have serious gay man crushes on:

+ John Galliano
+ Tom Ford
+ George Michael

So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these pics on (to tell you the truth I haven't even read the article).

Karl Lagerfeld For Dom Perignon

More fabulousness from Karl...and the cherry on the cake is it stars Helena Christensen.

Some shots (I want the whole collection on my walls, they are so incredible), but please, visit the web site. It is ridiculously good.

Friday, October 07, 2005

You Just Gotta

Bravo to Jules for discovering this gem: Design Her Gals. You can create gorgeous gals by choosing their eyes/hair/clothes/accessories (so many to choose from!) and even have them turned into personalised stationary. It really is huge fun. DIY and link them to me!
Very me ->

A Little Baby Girl!

My sister and brother-in-law have finally been allocated! And it's a baby girl! Mariana (what a gorgeous name, but they are not sure if they'll keep it, as they don't want it abbreviated to Mary. Once they get her photo, and find out her middle name, they'll be able to think more about it. However they have always loved the name Grace. Will and Grace! Yes, it'll be Will and Grace!) is also a May baby like Will, how exciting! They should be going over around mid-November (Colombia) for 5 weeks, so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly until then. It has been such a long wait, more than two stressed, heartbroken, anxious years, but now it is all forgotten.
And I'm going to be an Aunty again!

Here is a little ode to Mr Gorgeous Chops (a.k.a Will):

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

2005 International Cupcake Tour Part Un

What a coincidence that the cover of this week's Good Living (the best liftout all week) is the award-winning photo of caterer Simmone Logue, decked out royally in corset and cupcake skirt. "There are 478 cupcakes in the dress. Simmone made them all, of course. The flowers - roses and gerberas, mainly - were all fresh". This is what it's all about.

This photo won the Shoot The Chef photographic competition, held every year as part of the delectable Good Food Month, when Sydney really comes into its element. The weather is warm, the sunsets are gloriously husky, good food is everywhere and fun events are held all during October. The Night Noodle markets are a favourite, but personally I go weak at the knees for the Cocktail Of The Month, where the best bars create a signature cocktail and pair it with some scrummy morsel. Such as Mars Lounge's offering: Between The Cheeks cocktail – Bacardi, Creme de Peche, peach nectar and cardamom-infused sugar syrup. Canape – wonton cup with Balmain bug, ginger, kaffir lime, chilli and shallot. Yum.

Paris Spring Pret A Porter Collections

'Ideal me' outfit, courtesy of Carolina Herrera (you already know I'm obsessed with Junior's interior decorating):

The prints at Anna Sui are beyond beautiful.

I've always wanted a dress/look like this.

Pure white at D&G - how wonderful!

I have been ga-ga over these semi-transparent/big knicker signature D&G dresses for years and years. Glorious that they're back. And in white!

I love Fendi

I am addicted to white lace

I want this outfit

Simply because I have a crush on Sadie Frost:

Isn't this a great picture! Shy Martin Grant (Australia's own):

Roland Mouret

What a great dress and colour. And because it's Roland Mouret you know it would make you look and feel a million dollars.

Pure sex-on-legs as Versace knows best.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Your Services Are Needed

I've decided I will go to the World Cup in Germany next year. I have tickets (1 x 3 Category 2 First Round games - Country: France) and I have enough frequent flyer points to get me there. I figure I can spend 3 weeks away tops. I will probably see 1-2 games and sell the other ticket/s, as I want to spend maximum time elsewhere. But where elsewhere? I am leaning towards Silicy/Sardinia/Florence (back to The Mall of course) and Paris. While I would love to go to Spain there is not enough time and I like to spend time in each place and not whistlestop.

I'm keen to hear your suggestions. I have to decide fairly quickly thanks to stupid frequent flyer redemption.