Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Le Ex

Carrie gets an even bigger wake-up call when Big rings her up and asks her to lunch at the Boathouse in Central Park. Carrie agrees to go and when she confides in Miranda, the friends have their first big fight. Miranda tells Carrie that it's a huge mistake to see Big again and Carrie calls Miranda "judgmental."
I love this episode (season 3, episode 48). Carrie has tried it with Big two, three times, including the affair. He suggests lunch, she considers, and agrees with a why not. Like I agreed a few weeks ago, to have a coffee with A. We tried twice, including no affairs. Why did I agree? Why did I agree after being so upset after each failed attempt at giving it another go (and another)? After crying and losing my faith in relationships - me, O Optimistic One! Because I don't have feelings for him anymore. I am neutral with him. If he chose to not contact me for two weeks, I would not be affected. Sure, I would think "arsehole", but I would not be upset about it. If you want to give me the girl-who-cried-wolf treatment, that's fine. I enjoy his occasional company, as I enjoy my other friends' company, and know if he were to ask me back, I would say no. I have no interest in a relationship with him, or anyone else (I don't mean you, Freddie). And if you're rolling your eyes, and thinking I'm pathetic a la Miranda's "you're pathetic", well hey. I'll be the first to admit I'm very wary of going through any of that again, and cringe at women who get egg on their face. But let's not get all high and mighty. I think that's just as cringe-worthy.


Anonymous Beth said...

If this happened to me, I would fall into the water by myself and the guy would be standing on the dock laughing hysterically at my clumsiness.

6:52 AM  
Blogger TessaJ said...

My guy would have probably pushed me in!!! (Then proceeded to laugh hysterically at my clumsiness...)

I hate it when women toss out the label of "pathetic." Since when do we live in a world where we're not able to feel anymore?

8:36 AM  
Blogger la.dauphine said...

I should catch up on the seasons that I missed.

HOW MUCH did you love the series finale in Paris, though???

10:01 PM  

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