Thursday, September 27, 2007


I finished espanol this week and have enrolled in level 3 at UNSW. I've really enjoyed this course thanks to the language-loving, if typically eccentric, teacher and a good bunch of classmates (rare). We even had a class dinner at The Spanish Club last night which was quite enjoyable. I love the language and I love learning it and speaking with a Catalan lisp and it's exciting that we'll be able to say more than just 'dos canas por favor' next time in Spain.



Blogger steph- whisk/spoon said...

que bueno! i don't think i knew UNSW had continuing ed classes. maybe i should consider this instead of Sydney Uni's next level (since I moved out of the CBD, getting out to newtown is a chore). funny that you speak with the lisp--i try to go for a latina thang, myself.

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Blogger Julia said...

The term starts next week, and uses the same text book (if you google Modern Languages UNSW it comes up). I think I'm partial to the lisp because the waste-of-time course I did earlier in the year at The Spanish Cat initiated us into it, and it stuck with me.

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