Thursday, September 27, 2007

Meet The Dutchies: Part One

With no-one knowing about working holiday visas or replying to our email queries, we decided to apply for our visas sooner rather than later. So off we went this morning to the consulate armed with the required documents, ready for our first official encounter with the Dutchies.

Except we didn't have an appointment, which apparently you need, which we didn't see anywhere on the application. But maybe we could still have the interview today? No, you have to make an appointment. We could come back tomorrow, or Tuesday, or any other day, but not today. We couldn't imagine they were that busy, I mean, what does the consulate actually do? Regulate the import of poffertjes pans?

Oh and our passport photos are wrong. They have different passport photos to everyone else. Of course they do. Much smaller ones, like those Japanese sticker booths, which only a few photo places do, and cost $25. Hair must be tucked behind the ears, and you can smile but no teeth.

And you have to show proof of where you're staying for the first four weeks. To rent a place, you need a letter from your employer and/or a payslip. But to get your sofinumber, like a tax file number, you need an address, so it's a wonderful case of dog-chase-tail. Hopefully we've found a gorgeous place to rent privately, so that could be a big help.

So we're coming back next week for part two of a process that I'm sure will have many, many installments.

On the way back to work we were treated to a council worker jerking off his water bottle for our viewing pleasure. Thank goodness not everyone is politically correct, including this creep.

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Blogger Jules said...

Ah yes... the joy of visas and official documentation and dealing with bureaucracy.

I'm wondering if it is going to be a drama to open a bank account over there as well!

6:11 PM  
Blogger Julia said...

Oh yes, it will be I'm sure. Apparently this is the easy bit, the housing/job/sofinumber is when the fun will really begin.

7:17 PM  

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