Monday, October 30, 2006

Jo's Wedding, 29 October 2006

The day was perfect.

Bridezillas: 0
Awesome bridesmaids: 6
Minutes running late: 0
Shaggable groomsmen: 0/6
Eye-rolls over the 'your wife shall be subordinate' blah blah blah: Many
Personal Fiddler On The Roof moments while in Russian Orthodox church: 1
Silly poses forced unto us by photographer: How long is a piece of string?
Cigarettes smoked: 0
Drinks consummed: It was an open bar, nuff said.
Lots of tears cried: 2 - 1 at the church after they were official married, 1 big lot during the speeches. I love speeches.
Nutty mother-in-law: 1
Comments over what a brilliant day it was: Endless

I can't say enough how good a day it was. Even waking up at the crack of dawn after 3 hours sleep and getting right into hair/makeup was fun with these girls. Nothing was stressed, everything was relaxed and a laugh. Jo was stunning in a pure white dress very similar to our cornflower blue numbers, and we all looked fab-O. It was a perfect weather day too, clear blue sky with a slight chill in the air, but warm in the sun. Beautiful old Jags drove us around all day, first stop the church. God I love religion. In this instance the Russian Orthodox people think it's a good idea to stand for the one hour long service. Have they never worn heels, or tightly-corseted dresses that make the lower back ache standing in the one spot for that long? Having said that it's always interesting to see the different rituals, and the tears were shared after the priest silently escorted them around the alter three times and Charly whispered to me: "they're married now". Aww. Also 'interesting' that the candles they hold throughout dripped waxed all over the front of her dress, and that they wear crowns! More crowns and tiaras please! But I did like the bit the sous priest (?) said that now their sorrows would be halved, and their happiness doubled, because they could share it with someone. Double aww.

I thought the photographer was a bit of a goose - intimate hand-holding photos with your bridal party partner who you just met 30 seconds before. But it was a perfect spot for photos down at the water at Cabarita Bay (with sustaining champers and nibblies from the boot of the Jag, genius). Then onto the reception at Curzon Hall. It was a much more subdued affair because of the death of Jo's godfather two months ago, and Lebanese custom allows a mourning period of a year. So plans were changed, numbers lowered to closest family and friends, and it was just right: beautifully intimate and very special. I couldn't get the drinks into me fast enough and I expected to be hammered but it must've escaped out of me thanks to the day's running around. And that I didn't want to be the drunk, chain-smoking bridesmaid - not the look I was going for. The food was superb: wedding food fills me with dread as it's usually just so...beef-or-chicken bog standard, but it was quality. The speeches were wonderful (more teary), from the heart and with genuine love, and I always enjoy the photo presentation at the end (seems all wogs take photos of their kids in sailor suits and feeding kangaroos). And the wedding waltz tugged at the heartstrings some more, just the one dance of the night: Jo and Wal in the spotlight, her cousin at the piano with an arrangement of Come Away With Me: priceless.

And the cherry on the cake was a huge bag of Lebanese finger food Jo's mum packed up for Dani and I before we headed home, gotta love that! Love the wogs!

Love the crowns!

The bride and bridesmaid

Every bride should be this happy!



Blogger eurobrat said...

Oh, I love weddings (the good and the nutty).

The ceremony sounds intriguing... Norwegian brides also wear crowns. I quite like that custom...

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Sharp Lily said...

The wedding sounds so great, but what's this about subordinate?

5:49 AM  

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