Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Weekend Concluding With Pho And Beer

Friday we saw Merrick and Rosso and it was pretty good. I like crass. I like jokes about a whole generation of boys never having seen a full bush, to a soundclip of Totally Wild. And I like it even more after a dinner of real Italian food, complete with charming Italian waiter, at La Ricetta. I again had the scampi carpaccio, drenched in liquid gold olive oil, sweet diced red onion, and speckled with pepper. The parchment-thin slices melt in the mouth, but Kath's calamari fritto was equally so, and I'll have to have that next time. Because this place is so good, I trusted them enough to order gnocchi con gorgonzola, and it was just as good as that drunken day in Verona three years. Feather-light pillows of gnocchi coated with a perfect smooth sauce, not sickly rich with cheap zola as I shudder to remember I've had, hence the trust issues. A spoonful of zabaglione after the show was fluffy bliss. I'll be back - it would be rude not too after the waiter gave me his card :-)

Saturday I did a photo shoot for my spring/summer collections. I decided to DIY it so found a model and shot it myself at the studio with my digital SLR. I spent today working on the shots and have to say I did a pretty good job, certainly as good as the Harpers Bazaar et al photographer I hired for the last shoot. Using just natural light, and between the model knowing the right moves and my first attempts at model photography a la "turn towards the window/drop your arm/chin down" I am pretty proud of the results.

I was glad no one wanted to leave their warm houses on such a grizzly Saturday night, so I watched The Break-Up with takeaway Vietnamese. It wasn't bad, but didn't convince me.

Today I worked all day but beforehand went and finally bought cheap silver strappies for the wedding next weekend. I get heart palpitations in cheap shoe stores. I just can't comprehend any of it. Speaking as a middle-class wanker with a shoe fetish I would much rather just own two pairs of good shoes rather than a cupboard full of nasty synthetic stinkers.

Tomorrow is lunch with Gordon Ramsay - must go and choose what to wear. That's another cause of heart palpitations.


Blogger Jules said...

Pho and beer - god that sounds good.

And I will join you in your middle class wankerdom, re: the cheap shoe issue.

11:55 PM  
Blogger AlphaChick said...

I totally understand your fear of cheap shoe stores. I even get heart palputations and don't trust stores of the likes of Office, which admittedly aren't that cheap. But then again I lately am a complete snob, which I don't think makes me a better person!

Say hi to Gordon ;)

12:30 AM  

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