Monday, April 10, 2006


Pizzas on large thin pita bread.

One with tomato salsa, basil and Reggiano.
One with sauteed spinach, field mushrooms, crispy bacon, grape tomatoes, goat's cheese and Reggiano.
Two with creme fraiche, smoked salmon, sliced baby red onion and goat's cheese.

From get home to sit down and eat in 20 minutes.


Blogger LivinginOz said...

We must have been on the same wavelength - Dan and I got Wagon Wheels last night - pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions. Heaven!

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Agathe said...

I love pizza with creme fraiche!

8:36 PM  
Anonymous sharp Lily said...

Sounds divine. And pretty easy, even for cooking-impaired moi.

2:59 AM  

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