Friday, April 07, 2006

The Weekend

Currently Obsessed With: Watching Six Feet Under from the beginning.
Tonight: Dinner and drinks with N at Bistro Moore, and I can't wait. Please give me real Italian food, I beg you.
Saturday: Last Italian class; glasses shopping (I'm determined to wear glasses more often - if you have ideas or pics please let me know).
Sunday: Another school reunion, this time with everybody who ever attended at the actual school as the site shuts on Monday (prime real estate). I don't want to go, but will pop in after a sale (please let the Sales Gods be shining on me, I love this designer's summerwear). And there'll be a sausage sizzle, hard to pass up.

Have a good weekend everybody!
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Cute Overload


Anonymous always ace said...

Hey Julia, have you seen (or more importantly, heard) Jane Birkin's new album Fictions? It just came out here in France, and it seems quite nice... I actually don't know her music that well, and I've taken a recent liking to it... Give it a listen and tell me what you think!

(Ugh, I don't know if that link is going to work or not, it's awful long! Sorry about that... If it doesn't, just check out the CD on!)

This is only like my 2nd or 3rd time commenting, but I've been reading you for a while now... again, I have to reiterate your great gastronomical taste and your impeccable fashion taste! Wish I could afford some of the beautiful choices you've made! But I'm happy to live vicariously through you... You definitely make me want to come to Sydney, someday I hope - for now I need to absorb all that I can of Paris! And truly try to enjoy every day.

Take good care of yourself, and enjoy the Italian cuisine tonight!

P.S. ~ I rented Lemming the other night, and there were some things I found fascinating and some things that bothered me; all in all, it was far from fabulous, so I agree with you on that account, but at the same time Charlotte Rampling was mesmerizing, as always...

6:39 PM  
Blogger schuey said...

what designers are hunting this weekend ?

7:14 PM  
Blogger Miss V said...

Have fun shopping! I hope you bag some new goods.

Love your new pic! You look beautiful my Sweet.

4:05 AM  

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