Monday, March 13, 2006

Trois Films

+ Je prefere qu'on reste amis/Just Friends: I'm not sure, I fell asleep due to fatigue, although I remember remarking at Gerard Depardieu's weight loss.

+ Le Temps Qui Reste/Time To Leave: I loved it. It was a bit obvious, but I was seduced by the story and how it was told. OK, and by Melvil Poupaud, who in looks is probably my ideal guy. Wow, I just read this is the second in a trilogy by Francois Ozon started by Sous Le Sable on the theme of death and mourning. I cannot wait for the third, or anything else from Ozon, who now after Swimming Pool and especially Sous Le Sable, 5x2 and this film confirms for me how I much I connect with his style and his stories.

+ L'Enfer/Hell: I enjoyed this very much. Superb acting and story telling. Destiny is a subject that interests me very much, and there was a brilliant speech in the film about coincidence and destiny that I want to get my hands on. Afterwards, it hits you how much destiny plays a part in these women's lives. All three women's stories are so well done. And my god Beart and Bouquet are beautiful.


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Emmanuelle Beart is amazing.

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