Friday, March 10, 2006

The Dinner, The Reunion, The Weekend And Whatever Else

Last night with A was nice - we had a good conversation, including some interesting discoveries about our relationship, over dinner at Red Lantern, which was nice but no fireworks. My camera's battery died as I went to snap the entrees - no wonder I hate digital cameras!

Red Lantern was featured in an SBS documentary about restaurants last year and it's double seatings a night are still booked out. I'd been looking forward to trying it well before the TV show, especially their signature salt and chili calamari. The service was great and we had a seat outside where passers-by continually stopped to ogle the menu and hope to get in. But the meal wasn't anything special. We had the salt and chili calamari, a big plate of curly sprigs of too-floury squid, as well as the special entree of crab and potato cakes. They were so salty with too much potato, and countered with the salty calamari it left my mouth a bit numb. We shared just one main, the goat curry which is another speciality, and that was very nice - falling-off-the-bone meat in a tasy turmeric-enhanced curry sauce. I had to order the coconut creme caramel to wash away the spices, and that was fairly average, the only taste of coconut coming from the toasted shreds soaking in caramel poured over the custard, which was also a bit hard and not silky smooth.

The reunion is tonight, bof.

Saturday is Italian followed by Just Friends; Sunday hopefully meet Em for a coffee then Le Temps Qui Reste then L'Enfer.


Blogger Jules said...

Red Lantern sounds disappointing after so much hype.

Have fun with Em on Sunday!

4:56 PM  
Blogger TessaJ said...

Hope you have a great weekend (I suppose the reunion is over -- can't wait to hear the update! What did you wear???)

10:56 AM  
Anonymous sarah said...

dang. more than once i've been one of the menu oglers walking past the red lantern (usually on my way to get turkish bread and dips from that fabulous middle eastern place on the corner)

how disappointing to know i wasn't missing anything :-(

12:04 PM  

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