Monday, November 12, 2007


Dear Pony-Tailed One,

Thanks for absolutely taking the piss.


JB and A

...except the actual letter of complaint that went out yesterday was much more thorough and detailed just how bad this dinner was, from the service to each bite of food. Even A, who never gets bothered by anything, wrote his own letter.

We'd been looking forward to dinner at the updated Rockpool, that was meant to be a table of 4, then 6, then 4 again, then at the last minute just the two of us. So, a summary of the experience:

+ Casually seated, no chairs pulled out or napkins placed on laps. Fine for the pub, not for a on-again, off-again 3-hatter.
+ Not yet seated, asked what we'd like to drink. No wine list or aperitif offered; choice of beers Crown, Stella or Heineken.
+ Prices significantly higher than website menu, which is identical in menu items; some dishes double in price. We picked the new Rockpool because the prices were appealing, this is nothing less than misleading. I might understand a few dollars, but not double, especially after one week open.
+ Our waiter who seemed to be one of the maitres, was cold and unprofessional.
+ The menu didn't work - entrees were hard to pair up with mains.
+ A's main of grilled john dory was simply a fillet of the fish with a wedge of lemon. Not a couple of green beans, spears of asparagus, something.
+ My main of whole deep sea bream steamed with black bean and chili had no hint of chili or others flavours. I've made better steamed fish at home (see above).
+ Water only arrived with the main course.
+ Our two side dishes were embarassing: 'hand cut' chips were soggy, oversalty Birds Eye; tomato salad with tamarind dressing were tasteless roma tomatoes with the stalk base and pith intact, disgusting.
+ The signature dessert was all gone by 10.40, despite the restaurant being full. No apologies or suggestions for another. The dessert that I chose instead was just like a Mr Pisa tartuffi.
+ I broke one of the dessert wine glasses; no one came to clean up the table, the waiter said he would bring another and didn't.
+ No one ever enquired about our meal, thanked us at the end, or opened the door when we left.
+ $250 when we could of had a much nicer dinner at the pub for a lot less.


Blogger Sarah said...

And this is the reason I don't eat out at those type of restaurants. I am yet to find one worth the money.

For me, the food is only a small part of eating's more about the company and the atmosphere.

For $250 you could have gone nuts at the fish markets, bakeries and green grocers and sat around a big table with friends and family.

I'll be interested to hear the response you get. If any.

9:43 AM  
Blogger surfercam said...

Very disappointing! Especially when you expect such high standards going to a place like that.

I would have smashed more than just one glass....

9:52 AM  
Blogger dot said...

i hate it when entrees are hard to pair up with mains!

get it right, i say!

5:21 PM  
Blogger AlphaChick said...

What a joke... no wonder you were disaapointed. Nothing worse than overhype

2:14 PM  

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