Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"He could hardly bear to watch his own movies, apparently they made him so miserable"


Ingmar Bergman wrote the screenplay of my favourite movie, The Best Intentions. I couldn't talk when it finished. Later I just cried. Up till that point I had never seen acting like that, cinematography, heard dialogue like that, music. Subtle. Real. I've only seen it three times and just can't bear to watch it, the beauty is too much.

It was 1992 and I became obsessed with Bergman. I fell in love with the Swedish language and still dream of walking the streets of Uppsala.

I remember starting to learn about him, about his fear of death, and as a naive teen prayed the ageing Bergman would never die. So I'm saddened today to read he has, but so grateful that he opened my eyes to the beauty and power of cinema.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I am sad as well and now the news about Antonioni!

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