Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weekend Of Perfection

+ A smashing Tigerlily sale yields 2 hot new bikinis and a hhhot denim dress.
+ The Lou Reed Berlin concert blew my mind. I don't know much Lou Reed, but Kath wanted to see Antony who was doing back-up vocals (and seeing him last year was fantastic, so I was keen to go along). The lyrics of this concept album are stunning and the music made my jaw drop. It was one of those moments of being in the presence of a living legend.
+ A trip down memory lane to Salvio's for ballet shoes, leotard and tights.
+ Lovely lunch with the equally lovely Em.
+ Bronte Beach in the afternoon. Water is ice cold but I can't stay away.
+ Pho and travel planning with D. Ibiza apartment booked ooh yeah!
+ Brunch with I at Lumiere. Great spot, lots of lumiere and for once a nice boss running the joint (French?).
+ Seeing Mij and my heart filled with joy that she is just the best dog ever. She's a gift from whoever knows better.
+ Bronte Beach in the afternoon. Water is even colder at 14C, and it's brilliant, that contrast of heat and ice, enveloping your body.
+ Pre-show dinner at Kabuki Shoroku. God how I love Japanese food, and we chose the wagyu set menu. Divine food for an incredible price ($80 pp). The sashimi melted in the mouth, as did the grilled wagyu. But what I swooned over was those little steamed (or poached?) custards that I've only had the pleasure of sampling at Yoshii years ago, here, filled with mushrooms, prawns and chicken, flavoured delicately with ginger and coriander root. I could eat it every day.
+ Madeleine Peyroux concert at State Theatre, our Christmas present for dad. Quite nice but didn't thrill me, it's background music for cleaning, for cooking.

My favourite, Bronte Beach

Kabuki Shoroku wagyu set menu


Blogger Sarah said...

wow! what an amazing weekend!!

6:38 PM  
Blogger MissK said...

Food looks great.
Agree Madeline Peyroux is great for relaxing to and as background music.

4:08 PM  
Blogger machiruda said...

That Japanese food looks amazing! When I see things like that I can't wait to be back in Japan again.... Yummm.

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, that steamed egg thing is "chawan mushi". My limited understanding of japanese is; chawan = cup or bowl. mushi = steam, humidity etc. It`s one of my favorite foods. wikipedia page

3:47 PM  

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