Friday, January 19, 2007

OMG How Excitement!

Some like it hot...Filming has begun on what promises to be an intriguing television offering for 2007: a local version of the British TV show The F-Word. Instead of featuring the internationally acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay, the Channel Seven version has signed up the Sydney celebrity chef Matt Moran. Each week Moran invites three amateur chefs into the kitchen of a new restaurant operating exclusively for the show. The chefs are grouped by profession - from hairdressers and surf lifesavers to surgeons and sports stars - and are guided by Moran as they prepare a three-course meal for 50 hungry customers. So far a group of greengrocers and flight attendants have shot episodes and these are due to screen early next year.

Oh yes, and I just booked a table! $40 for 3 courses - I can't wait!!!


Blogger Sarah said...

OMG! fantabulous! finally a reality TV show that I can relate to!

8:41 PM  

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