Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bridge Climb

Haha we thought it would be a good idea to treat Rali to a Bridge Climb!

Here I am not afraid of heights - white knuckled all the way! Rali and Steve were worried beforehand - and they were fine! Go figure. All in all it was brilliant and exhilirating and I'm very glad we - and I - did it.

There were plenty of funny moments, including:
+ In the changerooms putting on the oh-so-flattering grey jumpsuits. There I am standing in my underwear while the others are almost dressed. "Aren't we supposed to get our kit off?"
+ Me, terrified. Rali: "It's ok darling, I'll take you shopping afterwards".
+ Guide before taking photos: "Stephen, come in from behind Julia". Stephen and I can't help ourselves: "Ooh baby".
+ Hearing and feeling the train underneath me climbing back, and simultaneously taking 20 years off my life, my mouth dropped. Rali now does the funniest impersonation of me -> :-o
+ Staff member undoing our harness belts, joking: "OK everyone, spread 'em". Rali and I are up against the wall spreadeagled. Staff member: "I was only joking girls, amazing how you're the only two that took it seriously!"

Of course, we needed a strong drink afterwards:

The best part of the Bridge climb


Blogger Rach said...


for mark's birthday this year, his mum asked him if he wanted a bridge climb, and he said "nah - been there done that".. so she gets him....................TWO bridge climbs


now I have to go, did I mention i hate heights, and climbing things??

at least after reading this I can look forward to getting nude in the changeroom and wearing fugly grey alien space suits.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Julia said...

I do love reading about present-giving in your families!

OK, forget what I said: go in with an open mind, deep breaths, and know there is a good bar around the corner.

11:47 AM  

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