Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

My present to myself was something I've always wanted to do: a visit to a psychic. Simply because I've always been intriguied by it; not to alter my life to what they say. It's just a fascinating exercise into, ok, let's see if it's true. I didn't tell anyone I was going - I wanted to enjoy the whole experience.

30 minutes = $45. She was French with a heavy accent - I had to translate a few words for her - and I chose not to ask questions or give much away. She read my cards and after, my palm. She reiterated many times that I will do lots and lots of travelling, and that it will be good for my business. I will have my job for a few more years and then only the business, which I will have for many years. I will marry in 2010, a man 6-8 years older than me, an intelligent man who will support my business so I don't need my job. We will meet in a place filled with lots of people, like a party. The man will publish a book after his pension, ideas that he is thinking about now. He is my true love and we will love each other very much, and I will only be married to this man for my life. We will have two children, at least one boy, spaced closely together. We will live in a huge house that needs renovations, but a lovely old-style home near water and parks. I will love someone before this man too. He is a man who has many responsibilities with his job. Any men who are on the scene at the moment are not the ones for me. I will live a very long life. My family is close and we have a warm relationship. Everyone will be happy and healthy.