Sunday, December 10, 2006

I Must've Done Something Good

To deserve such family and friends. Have just come home from a stunning BBQ at Jo's with the most wonderful surprise - birthday cake complete with candles (Happy Birthday Julia Gulia) and amazing present, the SATC overnight package. Wow. Double wow. To say I was shocked would be underestimating it - I was blown away. Thank you so much Jo, Wally, Charley, Yvette, Leonie and Dani (sick).

Driving over pulled over for RBT, didn't have license on me so the cop took down my details and reprimanded me, then told me I made his day. "Oh god what did I do?" "You haven't done anything. It's you". Impressive! If only he was a babe it would have made a great "how did we meet story" to tell people.
Dinner last night at Bistro Moncur was wonderful, if not shadowed by Natalie's that-afternoon redundancy. The most creamy, gorgeous French onion souffle followed by perfectly seared calves' liver with gnocchi parisienne and a plump cherry glaze. It was so good and yet a shock to the system, the richness and size of the dishes made me nauseous and all I wanted was to run home and tuck myself into bed. Which I did. It's my birthday and I can do just that.
Today's serendipitous lunch at Pilu - tomorrow.


Blogger Karen said...

I got pulled over last week and got a $250 speeding ticket. Clearly you need to give me tips on dealing with officers!

3:13 AM  

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