Monday, October 09, 2006

Good Living Growers Markets

I left a dream with Jim Morrison to get up early for my second Good Living Grower's Markets. It wasn't my idea to get up at the crack of dawn, but then Kath couldn't make it, and I thought I would compare and contrast a mid-morning start with an early start. I got there at 7.15am and it was busier than last time, whodda thunk? But is there any better reward for giving up the bed (and that kind of dream...) than the sight of Sydney by the harbour in the sparkling sun, packed with friendly market sellers, amazing produce, bouquets of flowers under the arm, dogs and chariots galore?

I went a bit nuts and lightened my wallet in no time. Saturday's purchases:
+ More of those amazing lamb patties
+ More duck eggs
+ A brown bag of Pink Lady apples
+ Baby pink garlic, Dutch carrots, avocado, coriander
+ Stracchino from Ocello and King Island haloumi
+ Whole spelt loaf from La Tartine
+ Lots of gourmet mushrooms
+ Eumundi Smokehouse bacon (the BEST) and tiny smoked sausages

And for breakfast, blood orange juice and the most amazing berry cheesecake tart from Consummate. I hate cheesecake, with a passion, yet I had an inkling this would be just what I wanted, and I was right. The filling seemed to be the lightest and smoothest, I'm thinking just a touch of cream cheese and whipped with mascarpone, and didn't leave a sliver of fat in the mouth. The berries were so ripe and fragrant, and the pastry perfectly crispy and buttery. Oh! Why hadn't I bought more! But with everything at the markets, you console yourself with: there's always next time...

Beautiful morning

Cute! Best lamb too

Brilliant fruit and vegies

Gourmet mushrooms from the fun-guy (he said it)

Formaggio Ocello - my idea of heaven

The lemon tart was for mum, it was her birthday after all

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Blogger Sarah said...

oh! oh! blood orange juice?!?!

my absolute favourite...I spent half the weekend carefully tending my three freshly planted blood orange trees which are all in bloom.....bulding up mulch around their yong roots to keep them cool, carefully watering them with oh-so preciouos water. It would be unusual to get fruit off them in their first season in the ground but perhaps....if I'm lucky?

There is nothing like citrus straight from the tree...nothing.

I keep meaning to make it down to the Grower's Market....will you PLEASE remind me next time and I'll come with you?

4:09 PM  
Blogger Reb said...

Wasn't it JUST the most beautiful day for it? And those lamb patties - they are so yummy! Lovely pix too Julia.

6:18 PM  
Blogger Julia said...

Thanks Rebecca! And yes, those lamb patties are just so tasty, they make the best gourmet burgers.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Sharp Lily said...

Great photos, Julia. It makes me wish I were there, especially the one of the lemon tart. Yummers.

12:49 AM  
Blogger jenjen said...

You must have gotten there very early. I passed by the mushroom stall at about 8:45 and most of the mushies were gone, unless someone decided to buy all of them at once.
And yes the ladysmith lamb is the best!

8:19 AM  

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