Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This Week

Starting The Week With A Compliment: "I've been told you've got a GST." "Huh?" "A great set of tits". From a client, bless.
Bought And Listening To: Nouvelle Vague, first and new albums.
Last Night: Had a wedding hair trial at Jo's. Soft curls are hawt. Such a great bunch of girls, no bullshit, so refreshing.
Small World: Sharing grandma's hospital room is a mother and daughter from New Caledonia. We were chatting about the place that fills my heart when the French priest walks in, speaking Russian, and comes over for a chat and starts blessing grandma. I tried to hold back the laughs but couldn't when grandma leant forward after he left and said: "is he a little bit crazy?".
Wearing: Inappropriately low cut tops. Thank gawd, as there were so many hot doctors there today and usually I look like what the cat dragged in.


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