Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oysters, And More Oysters

Because there can never be enough, in my opinion.

Friday night was out with A, chemicals and dancing and fun and a very scattered morning, including this line: "I'm so happy - not movie premiere happy, but happy". I missed Italian and slept the day away, until dinner with mum's side for Kathy's birthday, at Fish At The Rocks. It's a nice restaurant, in a darling spot, and the meals are reliably good (if only the prawns weren't off - in a seafood restaurant? - and mum and Jason didn't get sick). On Sunday morning the other A came over, so I can now say I slept with two different men in 24 hours. Oh wait, that's happened before. Oh well it's very much the spirit I'm in at the moment. We went to lunch with dad's side at The Summit, which we adore. The Oyster Mania entree is visually superb, and while the current theme is citrus and I'm not huge on citrus with seafood, and the oysters could have been more chilled, it's such a fun dish. Six oysters done six different ways (and I have to say my favourite was the fresh Pacific with a dollop of wasabi mayonnaise). I really love The Summit. Rushed to see Anthony Zimmer then got my place, and fridge, ready for TJ, who arrived Monday morning.

Monday I let her rest and in the evening we joined the others at the Harborview, where I wore my gift from Theresa of the Isaac Mizrahi for Target black tulle skirt with white sleeveless shirt and Rudolph Menudier heels. She inspired this outfit and I love it, very Audrey. Tuesday we flaneured around Woolhara and Paddo, with a stop at Just William Chocolates, for two lovingly-selected chocolates a-pieces (photos to come). As far as chocolate shops go, this was probably the best I've tried in Sydney, and the colourful boxes and ribbons are cupcake cute. In the evening we enjoyed a dozen Pacific with a bottle of Champagne as the sun set over the harbour from the Watson's Bay Hotel beer garden. I love this little spot of Sydney, with the seagulls looking ahead from the resting boats, and the Bridge peaking out from the trees. And since we were still hungry (big surprise) we popped into Captain Torres for some tapas and sangria. Nice.


Anonymous Sarah said...

awww! the william street chocolate shop. My grandmother had a shop in william street in the 1970s and i used to spend my days with her whilst my parents were at work. We'd often potter across the road and get me a "choccie frog"...small wonder that my first words were "choccie frog!"

7:09 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

You have a way of making Sydney seem so magical, so amazing.

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Vanessa said...

So glad you and Theresa are having such a great time together. You sound like the perfect hostess.

4:24 AM  

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