Thursday, September 22, 2005

Le Journal

How much delicious news can you squeeze into an 8-hour work day?!

First, the beautiful story of Andre Leon, "Miss Anna" and her unamusement of fat people. There's so many aspects to this story that I love. That there is a National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. Andre's backpeddling: "I do apologize if I offended anyone. What I should have said is that Anna is very concerned about people's weight because of the health issue. And, as I was fat, I was really talking about myself. I in no way wanted to imply that fat people were not acceptable." (source: NY Daily News). Gold. And Jennifer Weiner's perfect comment, that "most of the models in Vogue weigh less than the September issue did." Being a proud owner of September Vogue, my sentiments (and corresponding neck and shoulder aches) exactly.

Thank you to Jules for this fascinating article on Miss Anna.

As if that wasn't enough, there's been a Depardieu incident. Apparently he's shown up on British TV pissed as a parrot to promote a cookbook, talking about the "four to eight bottles" of wine he drinks every day. But the cherry on the cake goes to his suggestion on how to cook a hedgehog (because of course one must know how to cook a hedgehog): "You inflate it through its (rear)." But then he's put a dampener on things by claiming it was all done for a bit of a laugh, and that the French are "cretins".

God bless French TV. Serge did it so well, and when I read this, I got all a-flutter because hopefully Depardieu is keeping the dream alive.


Blogger Jules said...

Miss Anna sounds like a seriously scary person to work for.

From that article...

"Throughout her tenure, Wintour has governed Vogue with an unspoken set of rules. Food on the premises is discouraged. Junior staffers are not to speak unless spoken to. One young editor who made the mistake of greeting Wintour in an elevator was upbraided by one of Wintour's two personal assistants. Another, agonized over how to react when she saw the boss trip in a hallway, decided to walk past Wintour. When she told a senior editor what had happened, she was told "You did absolutely the right thing."

I don't think I would last even 5 minutes at Vogue before being asked to leave - the trouble-maker in me would probably just walk right up to Anna and start a conversation with her, just to see if I would be ignored and to see the look of horror on the faces of Vogue staffers that some obscure little upstart thought it was OK to talk to Anna.

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