Monday, September 26, 2005


I sit down to do some work. It's Sunday, but I don't mind. I've had breakfast at the beach , I'll be having a drink later, so I don't feel like I'm writing off the day. I have a bowl of my beloved tarallini by my side and things are good.

But then the thought of eBay pops into my head. "I'll just have a look". "I don't think anything that I'm watching is ending today but I'll just have a quick look". Soon enough I'm up to my toolbars in open windows doing multiple searches. I'm in a vintage-lace-something unique-perhaps a quirky purse searching mood and I love when you see some fab finds straight away. It appeases the eBay Gods.

While I keep searching, I think of the time I purchased perhaps my most beautiful shoes. A pair of Alessandro dell'Acqua killer heels (black, dozens of thin threads crossing over the front, a 4-inch heel with zipper up the back, and a small piece of gold plastic through the heel with a little spike inside, amazing). Pics to come. I had seen them in a mag worn with sleek black trousers and loved them. It was during an eBay ebb so I didn't automatically think "love shoes, must check for them on eBay". A month or two later, I got back on the wagon, and remembered those shoes. The only shoes in the search results were the exact pair. In. My. Size. The one and only. For a ridiculously low price, at least a quarter of the RRP. It was a blessed moment.

Now it is Monday, and I did not find anything purchase-worthy, although my watchlist is bulging with a few delights. So, share with me your favourite eBay story.


Anonymous Beth said...

I FINALLY added your link to Just My Cup of Tea! Sorry I was so slow -I'm a moron!

12:01 AM  
Blogger The Unknown said...

Love me?

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