Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Yin And Yang Weekend

One day sunny, hot and perfect.
The other grey, cold and comfy.

Gosh I ate well this weekend. Popotchki on Friday night - I always thought they were chicken belly buttons; a perfectly cooked goat's cheese omelette, thanks to Michel Roux's method; vodka penne; a drunken kebab that went down a treat; and meat and three veg for Sunday dinner.

And the weekend was exactly what I wanted. Perfect beach, although I won't make the mistake of taking a bus ever again. Voted for the party who this week still hadn't put their candidates up on their website. C's party with lots of dancing among yobbos and cocksucking DJs refusing to play Motley Crue. Food shopping at Fratelli Fresh and WBJ. Cooking to South Park. Doing homey stuff and actually enjoying it? A long nap. An extra hour of day. Watching the brilliant About A Boy.
I am now addicted to my Shuffle, and to podcasts. I'm avoiding the noise of the world by listening and learning with podcasts and opening my mind. $119 very well spent.


Blogger Jules said...

I love my iPod Shuffle (mine is the 1st Gen, although I love the new shiny ones in pretty colours too).

My shuffle is my sanity.

11:05 PM  

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