Monday, November 13, 2006


Not the key.

Don't drink and drive (ahem). But certainly don't drink and text. Or call. I made that mistake and paid for it with a shame that ate at me all weekend. You have visions of yourself acting with dignity. Not standing at the Charing Cross intersection outside a pub with tears streaming down your face shouting down the phone about a concept called love.

We talked, and our feelings and issues mirror each other's. We talked. And the hurricane of thoughts in my head were released, and I feel at ease. Such a precarious thing, to feel at ease.

Beach. Books. These two things are my consolations. I get lost in both. The salty air purifies the mess inside me, and the pages soothe. I could never live far from the beach.

And then there are wise words from a special person, a hug from a friend, a pizza slice at midnight amidst the circus around my corner, and this sort of thing:

Sculpture By The Sea with D, and Jet, the star!


Blogger Scorpy said...

LOL...I can't believe I just read the same thing on Nats blog and then I found this post on and when I clicked lo and behold it is one of her gf ~grin~

5:48 PM  
Blogger AlphaChick said...

Sometimes the loss of dignity let's us bare our soul and understand a little better. Even if it doesn't feel like that right now. There is always a reason we do these things. Just because alchol was involved doesn't mean it was not justified.

7:34 AM  

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