Wednesday, October 04, 2006


+ Back hurts muchly. No one to massage it better, boo.
+ Speaking of which, ex-fuck buddy calls. And the suggestion that maybe I should at least talk to him confuses me. Can't be bothered with the etiquette surrounding an ex-fuck buddy, it's all too much. I miss the back pain-inducing sex but that ship has sailed.
+ Oooh check out my new Villeroy & Boch glasses, they're not the Montana range, but they're most definitely the bomb!

+ Kath and I had two of the best 'debates' yesterday. One over naked children in fountains (don't ask, I can't relive it, I had to leave the room I was so exacerbated); the other over fashion (post-Devil Wears Prada). We really are Nate and David. I love it/her!


Blogger Deep Kick Girl said...

Just admit you're wrong and we can just get on with it, Nate.

7:23 AM  

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