Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Miscs This Week

+ Time for a new name. Relookage was a word that jumped out at me, at a time when I was coming into a new phase of life. The relookage of me. Now, I feel like it's time for Initiales J.B. It had to be something Gainsbourg. My showers take place to the soundtrack of L'Homme A Tete Du Chou (almost the full album, I'm no environmentalist) and it was either this or Pauvre Idiote.
+ Black clouds again come and go.
+ This weather is perfect for last-minute winter cookery. Monday night was Bill 'Cheesy Grin White Pants' Granger's baked sausages with kipfler potatoes, but with venison sausages instead of Italian and truss tomatoes thrown in towards the end. Really good.
+ There are few people I could be bothered hating more than 9/11 conspiracy theorists.


Blogger Lola is Beauty said...

hee hee I love big cheesy grin white pants's recipes

9:10 PM  

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