Thursday, August 18, 2005

I Do My Best Thinking In The Shower

I love showers. I'm sorry that I don't care about water restrictions but it's one of my favourite of life's simple pleasures - hot hot water and exhausting it till the very last drop.

I do all my best thinking in the shower - thoughts that disappear and seem irrelevant as soon as I step out and do the routine: apply my beloved Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and slip on Philosophy's Gingerbread Souffle (which neither smells like gingerbread or has a souffle consistency, but is gentle enough on my hyper sensitive skin).

Thoughts like, I really should buy that photograph for $360; then I have the conversation in French with the photographer - a wonderful conversation that starts off with "oui je parle francais mais je suis trop timide" and ends in best friendship; beautiful soaps really do make good housewarming presents; but why should I not treat myself and just use beautiful soaps all the time, like The Body Shop's coconut soap (of course I forget this thought, standing in front of the soap aisle at the supermarket, and grab a box of whatever that's cheap and cheerful but bland); I must read some more Sartre; what can I wear tomorrow; I can't wait to sunbake when it gets warmer - I really will use SPF30+ this year, and every day; how do you make Thai food taste exactly like Thai takeaway, especially those flat wide noodles I love; how jealous is the average person in a relationship...


Anonymous Miss Pink said...

Isn't the gingerbread souffle from Origins ??

I am confused now...

12:41 PM  
Blogger Julia said...

You're right, I think they have one too. This is by Philosophy, in fact I just finished it last night. Not overly impressed with it, though. Nice texture, but I expected something spicier, punchier.

12:48 PM  

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