Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This Week

Downloading And Listening To: The Killers (didn't like them before, must be the mood I'm in).
In Love With: Aussie Lass and La Coquette (I think I have a crush on these francofilles).
Bought: Mikael office desk from Ikea - you're allowed to buy office desks from Ikea; a soopadoopa Bodum measuring jug. It has measurements for flour, rice, metric and the other one. Come on, it's the little things. Also, the first Big Shop for the apartment. God how I love that first big shop. It takes twice as long, costs a bomb, fills the trolley, and I love it. All the basics and all the small luxuries that are now essentials, like Lurpak butter, King Island sour cream, fresh yoghurt from Norton Street Grocer, Dangaran Estate olive oil.

Tuesday: Drink with the super lovely Kat.
Wednesday: Bellydancing.
Thursday: Nat is coming over for dinner, I'm thinking of cooking Asian mussels with rice.


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