Friday, August 12, 2005

This Week

Listening to: "Plus Doux Avec Moi", Charlotte et Serge Gainsbourg.
Downloaded: "Dr Feelgood", Motley Crue.
Singing along to on the radio: "That's Just The Way It Is Baby", Rembrandt.
Enrolled in: Vous avez dit choquant French conversation class at Continuing Education at the University of Sydney, starting mid-September.
Want to buy: Long boho summer skirts in white, yellow, orange, red, brown. Bronze sandals.

I moved into my new digs last weekend. I hate moving. And yet I seem to do it so often, under the mantra of "life's too short, you only live once" yada yada yada. But now that I have my own place, I plan to be here for a while. Already I love it - it has a cool vibe, and the people seem a bit too nice. I'm panicking about kitchen storage space but I'll manage. I just have to say no to mini frothers/individual soup tureens/electric pie makers. Having the place painted next week. I want a big photo of Serge and Jane (black sur white) on the big wall in my open plan loungeroom but I'm dreading enquiring about the cost.

And god, I want to kiss A.


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