Sunday, July 31, 2005

This Week

Reading: Perfume, Patrick Suskind.
Listening to: "Charlotte Forever", Charlotte Gainsbourg ; Chez Max, Coiffeur Pour Hommes, Serge Gainsbourg.
Downloaded: Songs from Ray Of Light and Music, Madonna.
Watching: Oz; new show on SBS about restaurant reviewing.
Wednesday: Belly dancing followed by trivia at the pub. I am in love with belly dancing. It is sexy, sensual, rythmic, passionate - everything I love.
Thursday: Dinner with Martin and Justin at a Czech restaurant at the Cross. Justin was my best friend in years 10/11 and Martin was and still is his best friend, and I've bumped into him a couple of times via Stephen. I can't wait to catch up with Justin. He was very special in my life.
Friday: Mud crabs to celebrate my settlement!
Saturday: Cleaning my new place from top to bottom. In the evening fundraising trivia night for Will's primary school.
Sunday: More cleaning, then hoping for a warm day so Natalie and I can go to the footy to watch Roosters play the Panthers. Then Ilana's housewarming party. I'm glad Ilana and I are friends again - nothing's changed.


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