Sunday, February 04, 2007

Le Weekend

I took a gamble with the overcast weather and went down to the beach anyway, and what a treat. The sky was as clear as the carpark and I didn't budge for two hours of bliss. The water was clear aqua, 20 degrees, and the high tide was fun swimming through the waves.
Then D and I wasted time at the Seafolly outlet, having more success with a cold beer at the pub. Speaking of beer, the new Stella ad of the son coming back from war is the best yet - "Il a sauve ma vie" - hilarious!
Then we spent a couple of hours at the internet cafe travel planning. I love internet cafes, they're like the United Nations, most of the people are travelling, and that's romantic. Like airports? Dinner of our favourite Turkish pizza, yum.
I cooked mum brunch of Moroccan scrambled eggs, with roasted tomatoes and wholemeal batard, then went in to work to finish my taxes (almost there! I can see the light at the end of this hellhole) with a little agonising over the Canon SD630 or 700 to boot (do I need IS even with a short zoom? I think I do). Went over to Newtown after hearing of a great sale (pff); peckish, I popped into Guzman Y Gomez which I had been dying to try and had some tacos. Disappointing. It was so hot all I could think of was a cool cinema, and luckily The Last King of Scotland was next cab off the rank. It was really good, and all this talk of Forest Whitaker deserving an Oscar is justified but as should James McEvoy, he slides into the role seamlessly.
And the cherry (!) on the cake is snapping up the fun strapless cherry dress I have been daydreaming over for weeks, online for an almost song. Cherry on top, indeed.

The moon, driving from the airport


Cute packaging, but that's about it


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