Monday, May 29, 2006

The Weekend

Before Edmund White on Friday night (see overview of the SWF below), Kath and I had a quick dinner at the Hickson Road Bistro, which is a really nice spot. After the talk I stayed the night at Kath's and we watched In Her Shoes. Saturday was Marianna's birthday and naming day party, and I was very honoured to be asked to read a poem during the lovely ceremony. It was a great day, full of yummy finger food and the specialness of Marianna's first birthday. Sunday was quiet, breakfast at Bondi, then after the football replay making a delicious pasta from the nothing that is my fridge and pantry: a box of Barilla and a can of Italian cherry tomatoes yielded a beautiful tomato sauce for spaghetti, so simple, so good. I and C popped over in the evening and we went to a wonderful sushi train 5 minutes from me, I had no idea it existed and now I'll be there every other day.


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