Monday, May 01, 2006

The Rest Of The Weekend

Dylan Moran on Friday night was fucking funny. I loved this guy before, wanted to marry him five minutes into the gig. Chain smoking and drinking red wine, he really is Bernard, with the same beautiful warped sense of humour that I can't get enough of. Alas he only had one show otherwise I would have seen all the others. His lines about Germans, the French, Fatboy Slim, cooking shows, rappers, children, the rest of it was just brilliant. I had to go home and watch Black Books all weekend just to relive the joy that is Dylan Moran.

Marry me

Apart from fashion shows, it was a very grandmother-y weekend, seeing Sara in hospital (she's ok, thanks for the good wishes everyone) and Ada's birthday lunch at mum's. There was also a fundraising dinner at La Cumbia Colombian restaurant with the most divine empanadas. Seriously I could live off them. And there was also a certain coffee date which was pleasant enough but with zero chemistry, not even enough to put into the friend category. I just can't do the whole being set up caper, it makes me sick in the stomach and I have to say that's it for me.


Anonymous Sharp Lily said...

Is this the one that your Mom set you up with? Bummer, I hate setups. You always seem to feel you've disappointed the person who set you up if it doesn't work out. And they're mad stressful. At least it's over!! :)

6:04 AM  

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