Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No Muy Bien

Had my second class of espanol at UNSW last night. After my good run with the last class, I've landed in a room full of duds. No social skills, weird-looking and literally sitting around like lumps of mash potato. On top of that this level deals with everything I've already covered although the online outline said it was right for me, so I'm hoping to move up to the next level next week (since they wouldn't give me a refund to go elsewhere).

One thing is clear, good language teachers are worth their weight in gold. As are fellow students.

Update: Moved to the next level and it's great. The teacher is adorable and moves at a fast pace and the other students are enthusiastic and speak very well.



Blogger iggy said...

I know what you mean.

First Spanish class I took a couple of years back was great. Great teacher, sociable classmates.

Decided to do year 2 at a different place and dropped out after a couple of weeks as I hated it.

This year I've started year 2 again at a third place. I enjoy it and the people are fine, but there's not the same spark as the first time round.

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