Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Me Gusta Estudiar Espanol

It's all coming together now, the pieces of the puzzle. A little grammer, a litle vocab, some connecting words, and voila! mi piso tiene un cuarto de bano moderno.

I love it so much! And after thinking Spanish and me weren't meant to be. Stupid ex-teacher Louisa.

Sidenote finally watched Napoleon Dynamite ("I caught you a delicious bass"; Uncle Rico; Pedro, ha!) and Irreversible (a new kind of violence; love the way it looked at relationships; love Vincent and Monica).

And congratulations to Kath and co. on their beautiful new home!

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Blogger Imaginair' said...

Nice blog that I discover now.
I am a parisian (France).
I like to speak spanish and english too.
With this language, I can manage in most places of the planet.

12:40 AM  

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