Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Can You Open Your Mouth Wider?"

Alas, I was at the dentist's.

The new shiny dentist where they have a tea menu (Twinings) and the best magazines, brand new and crisp. After xrays and prodding and cameras showing the back of your teeth - blegh - it's time to talk damage.

* Wisdom teeth to be pulled out (to be done at the hospital under general anaesthetic, who chooses any other option?!)
* Fillings - with Valium!
* Gum graft, where they take a piece of your gum and graft it on to a tooth that has a receeding gum. Can you believe this? That or braces. I never believed in braces as a teen and I sure don't believe in braces as a grown, functioning adult.

Another reason I can't believe in god - didn't s/he have more important things to worry about than creating issues like receding gum lines?

I'm getting the breakdown of what it's going to cost in the mail, and coupled with the new stove I had to buy this week, and the bi-annual private health insurance bill, which will eat up some of the dentist's costs, it's one costly time of year.


Blogger Sarah said...

oh gawd


I DESPERATELY need to go the dentist - I broke a molar about a month back - it doesn't hurt or anything but i know it needs to be attended to and I am procrastinating like there's no tomorrow.

Its not so much the cost that I am dreading (though i know it is going to be extortionate) but it's the condescending lecture about how i shouldn't have left it so long I am dreading most of all.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Julia said...

They are on Smith St in Ryde, you have no excuse. Instant rebates.

As for condescending, they are pretty good. Its what I dread too.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...


Thats close. I really don't have an excuse.

Can you email me their phone number.

I promise i'll call them right after i finish this chocolate.

4:23 PM  
Blogger LivinginOz said...

Juls - I can empathise. Went to the dentist this past weekend. I have the same problem with a receding gumline. My dentist bonds the exposed area. Voila! Painless (almost.) And no more sensitive teeth.

2:26 PM  

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