Monday, January 30, 2006

This Week

Reading: Le Petit Prince.
Humming: Mon Legionnaire, the Edith Piaf version. Oh, Piaf!
Doing: Art exhibit opening at my beloved Mary Place Gallery on Tuesday night, but quiet for the rest - my credit card is begging for it. This means the beach if the weather's good, maybe motivating myself to get a headstart with Italian if the weather's bad.
Looking Forwad To: Italian classes and the Human Body exhibition this weekend.


Anonymous Agathe said...

I love Le Petit Prince! I haven't read it for a few years now, but my boyfriend reads it once a year. :) It's maybe time look through it again...

1:37 AM  
Blogger TessaJ said...

Oh, I'm still reading Le Petit Prince. The problem is that my French is so rusty (it's been almost 15 years!) that it takes me an hour to read one page!

So beautiful, though.

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Sharp Lily said...

I loooove that you and your Ma are taking Italian classes! I have long since forgotten most of my skillz from when I lived in Bologna. At one time, I was a whiz at ordering food, wine, and shoes. Have fun!!

7:57 AM  
Blogger Julia said...

Oh, you lived in Bologna! I only passed through but would love to spend some time there.

Mum and dad used to live in Rome for two years before coming to Australia so I thought it would be a nice Christmas present for her to revisit a language and culture she loves.

8:50 AM  

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